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A Play and a Symphony

pianoIt seems funny now to think of how far I have come since the first naked piano recital that I did for HisLordship. At the time, I was still very shy and body conscious. It was quite near the start of our D/s really and I was trying to push myself hard to be what he wanted. He has always been more interested in nudity than I have. He also didn’t realise how deep rooted my body issues were and so hadn’t appreciated that being naked around the house doing every day things, was not something that I was within my ability to concede to. Well not without a huge effort and a pretty specific set of conditions at least.

We had spent the whole weekend together and I remember feeling pretty overwhelmed by the connection between us. Carried along by that, I ended up removing the clothes that I had on, and sitting down to play the piano for him. From memory, he had dozed off in the lounge at the time. It is often the case that an idea will pop into my head and for a second it seems like I will actually do it. If I voice it at this point he will make sure it is a certainty, but if not, I will likely talk myself out of it. Anyway, on this particular occasion  I was caught up by the feelings that I had for him and so I struck while the iron was hot.

The piano is in the hall but we had the house to ourselves, so I selected the music and began to play. I would love to say that it was a symphony, but being a purist I have to admit that it was actually a Beethoven sonata. No. 14 in C-sharp Minor: Quasi una fantasia, Op. 27, No. 2, or the Moonlight Sonata to be precise. A lovely piece so I am hoping that this post will be allowed under the symphony prompt! I felt quite nervous as I sat there but slowly started to feel more exhilarated. HL started to stir and he made a comment about how lovely it was to hear me play. It took a few seconds until he registered that there was more to this performance that just the playing.

The effect on him was clear and that was infectious for me. I lost myself, not only in the music but also in the way that doing something challenging for him made me feel. I think that this was a bit of a turning point for me as it was one of the first times that I had let go in what wasn’t really a sexual sense. Other things that I had done to submit my will to him had been things that we had agreed that I would do or things which were more play-related. In truth I had probably done things before but I think that this was the first time I realised the freedom I gained from doing something which meant giving up control and pushing my boundaries.

Although the act itself was not sexual, it was erotic and had a sexual charge due to the nakedness, and one thing led to another. Following my recital he stood behind me and pressed himself into me. Initially gentle, it soon turned into something more forceful and he had me back in the lounge, bent over a chair. Perhaps because we had scened a bit previously, perhaps because of the intensity of emotion I felt for him at that time, I am not sure, but I was deep within my submissive space. Usually squirting would be something that would happen following a lengthy period of stimulation, but this time it occurred simply from having him inside me, indicating the mental place I was in at the time.

A corny analogy to a symphony is dancing on my fingertips but I am resisting the bad humour in going there. I do think that this was one of those times when you are just so completely together, so in tune with one another, that you do become one. To be able to access this depth of mental space is not something that happens to me all the time, but when it does it both excites and overwhelms me. It doesn’t just meet an emotional and physical need within me, it also draws me in with the promise of something more, something as yet undiscovered, something else that I am and can be.

Prompt #320: Symphony
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  1. For one of my last recitals, I played the moonlight sonata. It is a great piece of music—Beethoven is perhaps my favourite classical composer. In my minds eye I can see you swaying with the music naked and beautiful—immersed in the composition. I think it was a marvellous moment in time. Thanks for sharing this!!

  2. The idea of you sitting at the piano naked creates a very pleasing image in my mind…. I feel like there is potential for a Sinful Sunday there and I can totally understand the erotic nature of what you did.

    • Thank you. He does enjoy it although there are fewer opportunities than we would like at the moment. Our hall is a busy place ?

  3. It’s wonderful to be so in tune with each other. It’s a special and loving feeling. And, as Molly said, I love the idea of you naked at a piano 😉
    Rebel xox

  4. I, too, have a tendency to talk myself out of “good ideas” if I don’t say them to JB first. I love that you didn’t let that tendency stop you, and you did it anyway. 🙂

  5. So great to know there is another naked piano playing submissive! And a great choice of pieces. My Queen enjoys sitting and watching me play…especially naked. Debussy always seems to fit the mood for me.

  6. perhaps a private organ recital (of the musical kind missy!) upstairs would work when the house is full…although I can picture you in your hall playing, would love to hear it

  7. That is just beautiful! What an amazingly erotic scene. The Moonlight Sonata is such an emotive piece for the piano too. Woweeee! I wish I could do that for Rex! He paints in the nude and I sit and watch sometimes and if I get restless I begin to take off my clothes and wander around…he soon follows me!!!??

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