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School’s Out

I actually finished school last week but the events of the weekend didn’t lead to me being able to take the school uniform picture for Sinful Sunday that I had planned. One week in and I have hung up my tie, as it were, and begun to relax. I am writing more, reading more and submitting more. In fact I am doing more of all of the things that I enjoy spending time doing, so I am well on my way to feeling the benefits of some time off. The delivery of a nice case of white wine from HL’s mum is also helping me to unwind!

I have lots of things that I would like to achieve over the   5 weeks left and some other things that I would like to work on, so here’s hoping. Oh and some sun would be good too; although this is a black and white edit, there is an ongoing family joke about the fact my skin hasn’t seen the sun for so long that my legs have taken on a blueish-grey tinge. I am hoping also that there will lots of time for slow afternoons of kinky fun – not sure how we occupy the teens and the puppy but if anyone has a recipe for a magic potion we would be interested.  Hopefully this will mean that I have more content to write about and some more pictures to post.

Kiss the lips to see who else is sinning this week.
Sinful Sunday


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  1. School never looked so sexy if you ask me and afternoon kinky fun is my favourite thing but we find the summer holidays tend to make that harder to fit in but hopefully if the weather is nice they will go out…. lots

  2. Role play might not be my thing, but damn you make naughty school girl look so sexy!
    We’re planning for kinky fuckery the moment the kids are back in school. Most of it has had to be very quiet and clandestine this summer, sadly.

    • Thanks Kayla ❤️ For us it’s the other way as I am in school with them so this is my only chance. We have become expert as the silent orgasm. Not the same tho

  3. We have a bit of a thing for school role play and this image is gorgeous! Great choice with the black and white, so evocative of vintage school scenes. The raised mini skirt, the lowered white cotton knickers, and then the suggestive tease of wrists that might be bound. Lovely! 🙂 x

  4. Oh, I’m sorry to see you’re in trouble. I do hope your conduct improves soon…
    (Like hell I do.)
    Gloriously sexy photo! I hope you have lots of fun!

  5. The bit about your legs made me laugh; my legs are also always pale *despite* spending time in the sun! I hope some of those afternoons of kinky fun take place in the sunshine. I really like the details in your photo! Knickers pulled down just beneath a bum are super hot.

  6. I’m so glad I’m not alone in having blue legs, a colleague of mine complimented on my lovely blue tights and was horrified to learn I wasn’t wearing any!
    Enjoy your break, it looks as if you’ve made a good start!

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