closer - missy and HL a triptych


This week has been about us getting closer again so I wanted to use an image which captured that. I love these moments when we have time just to relax and enjoy each other. I love to touch his body and to feel his fingers trace the lines of my body at the same time. I love the tenderness and the intimacy, the comfort and the familiarity. I love knowing that I am his and that we are bound together by what passes between us.

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Sinful Sunday

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  1. This is lovely, the way you are cupping his cock in the first shot is very sexy and I love the way your bodies seem to flow into each other

  2. I love the new found freedom you display with all your pics. As everyone else has stated, you can feel the emotional connection between the two of you. It is very nice.

  3. Stunning. Intimacy and loving eroticism; I’m half welling-up with joy and half ragingly horny looking at those. Very nice work!

  4. Your images are truly sensual, sexy, intimate, delicate, and ever so LOVING!!
    I picture these as a beautiful artistic collage hanging above your bed, to admire every day, and be proud <3

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