missy in a body stocking framed in the window during a hotel stay

Hotel Stay

This is a picture from one of the more recent hotel stays that HisLordship and I had together. The thought of a hotel room usually fills me with excitement and a feeling of freedom and fun. This morning I am about to head off on a school trip and am not looking forward to the time away from him and from my life. It will be nice to do something different and a change of scene is always good but I am not sure about being ‘Miss’ 24/7 and where that will leave missy!

Sinful Sunday
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  1. Have a safe and fun time on your trip! I hope you’re able to embrace Miss for a while and know that missy is still in there. Maybe missy can play with HL on Skype or have phone sex 🙂

    • That was what I had hoped but it seems I am sharing a room so any naughtiness in the evenings over FaceTime is out I’m afraid.

  2. Maybe the there will be room for the knowledge that he loves and admires all of you in your handbag. Possibly there could be moments in the schedule for you to rest and care for yourself as he would want you to were he present. These things might act as a way to feel the part of serving his wish in his absence.
    Hope you have a fun and safe trip ma’am.

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