hotel scene - theatre curtains which say scene it, done it a backstage pass

Hotel Scene

hotel scene - theatre curtains which say scene it, done it a backstage pass
A hotel scene often lasts longer than our regular scenes. Scenes at home either start late evening, or are fitted in during a couple of hours when we find ourselves alone; even when we have had longer than this, there will be distractions at home that just aren’t there when we are away. They will also be planned well ahead and we will be focussed on our time alone together, so there is a natural build up. Often there will be a journey to get there so we will have been in each other’s company prior to arriving at our room. All these things work together so that we are mentally and emotionally both in a place where we are ready to let go and have fun.

* * * * * * * * * *

We spend the afternoon taking pictures and have our evening meal together. I have a relaxing soak in the roll top bath and am told to wait on the chair for him. He comes in and removes my robe. He asks me to kneel and feeds me his cock. He strokes my hair and talks to me, then thanks me and asks me to stand. He begins by stroking my skin and looking at me. He tweaks my nipples and kisses me hard. He instructs me to answer all questions he asks me and to address him as Sir.  He goes through my colours with me and tells me that he knows I have been withholding information from him and that he wants some answers. I curl inside – he is talking about my fantasies. He points out the restraints he has set up under the bed. Wrist and ankle cuffs are attached to rope and are set out on the floor.

He begins to inspect me and comments that I have prepared well. He asks me to touch myself and to pull my lips apart for him so that he can see. He then has me turn around, bend and pull my cheeks apart too. He comments on what he sees and I feel myself blush, glad that he can’t see my face. He turns me around, pulls me into him and looks at me. He tells me that tonight will be a slow build up and that he wants to take me further than before. He says that he will start with spanking as we both need that but that we will be moving on from that and he will play with me until I can take no more. He asks if I understand and I say that I do.

He gets positioned on the bed and pulls me over his knee. He begins to spank me and I feel myself slipping into it easily. I begin to moan slightly as it feels good. He touches me and I immediately push into his fingers to feel that pressure on my clit. He reaches for the wand. We have recently bought one of the new Doxy wands which is smaller and buzzier and it feels amazing. He pushes it onto me and each time he spanks me it sends me higher and higher and I am close to coming. He realises and comments, turning the wand off and continuing to spank, rub and pinch my bum. He keeps using the wand and edging me with it. In the end I feel that I am going to orgasm even without it and he must know as he switches it back on and tells me that I can come.

He doesn’t stop even though I have orgasmed and I wriggle and squirm to get away. Instead he moves me so that he is no longer under me and he begins to tap with the cane. I am still on the edge and the feeling of the impact and the wand means that my orgasm is building up again. He continues with the cane for some time and then adds the flogger. I am at the point where I am rolling from one orgasm to the next and I have lost all sense of time and space. I am trapped in the ecstasy and all I know is that I don’t want it ever to stop but that I can’t take much more. He switches to the dragon tail whip and I want to shout that I need more and more but I don’t feel that I can speak.

I lose track of the orgasms I have as they have become the rippling kind that roll from one to the other. I realise that he has stopped using the whip when I feel the coldness of the lube trickle between my cheeks. I know what is coming and I let out a deep groan even before the cold glass pushes between my cheeks. The sensation is so different to what has gone before that it feels overwhelming. He is talking to me too about the dirty things that I like, the sounds I am making and the way that I look. He engages my mind so I stay with him, desperate for him and needy of him. By the time he is fucking me with the dildo and it is deep in my arse, I know that he knows I am his completely and I hear him sort of laugh at my responses.

I am lost in the sensation; my head is full of him and my body is filled by him and when he flips me onto my back and tells me to spread my arms and legs while he cuffs me, I comply without thinking. He tests the restraints and there is little to no movement. He asks if I am ready to share the information with him and I say that I can’t. I can’t explain and he doesn’t push it for now. He switches to the bigger Doxy and the feeling, so much more rumbly, sends me straight back to where I was before. I am aware that he is hitting my nipples with the crop and I ride the waves again and again wondering if I will actually pass out.

I am aware of strange noises which must be coming from me and I thrash and twist in my bonds while I try to cope with the way that I feel. The ripples of orgasm come over and over and I am hanging by a thread on the edge, never tipping over but teetering on the brink. At some point he unleashes my hands and I sit up and try to punch to wand from his hand but he chuckles and says not yet and keeps going. Just at the point where I can feel myself going limp, he stops. He undoes the cuffs around my ankles and moves himself in between my legs. He pushes inside me and I come immediately around the heat of his cock.

I am throbbing and climaxing and I can’t seem to stop and it doesn’t take long before I can feel it building within him too. His release is huge and I feel the aftershocks from him. After he pulls out I lie where I am, just shaking and he moves next to me and gathers me to him. I cling to him and we lie like that for a while. Maybe I have drifted off, I don’t really know, but I am still not able to talk and I don’t think that I move for a long time. When I come back into myself I am aware of clinging to him and making little purring sounds. Things are still hazy and I don’t know what time it is but afterwards he tells me that we played for three hours.

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    • Thank you. I find it hard to write about the physical details in a way which doesn’t sound corny so I leave them out lol

  1. Wonderful experience for the both of you. I love that you were lost in sensation. And having orgasms in such quick succession! It’s a wonderful thing to witness though I have always had difficulty getting it down on paper just the right way. You managed nicely though.

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