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30 Orgasms and a Dribble

So today marks the end of 30 Day Orgasm Fun, the challenge set by the lovely Tabitha Rayne. I explained in my post 30 Day Orgasm Fun – First Thoughts that I wondered how I would manage with the challenge. I had three considerations which I reviewed in the update, 30 Day Orgasm Fun – First 10. I actually made it to day 15 before Sir called it and said that we were taking a break. I think that if it had not been the holidays then this would have happened earlier. That is not to say that we weren’t enjoying it. It was good for me to work at my own orgasms again, but they just weren’t the same. There was also a bit of that ‘still have to have my orgasm for today’ type thinking that was not particularly helpful for either of us.

I do not see any of this as a negative. We are very fortunate that we are in a relationship where we are living together and we go to bed together each night. This means that we are able to connect physically when we want to. Add to that the fact that our sex drives are pretty well matched and we are in the lucky situation of being able to pretty much have the sex and orgasms that we want to when we want to. We have both stopped thinking about it. It is something that is there and it happens and sometimes it happens more than others. We go through periods where we will have sex every day and then we have others when things are busier and we may go a couple of days in between.

In addition there are lots of things we do where there is a sexual charge which we don’t satisfy. It can be nice to play around with that and so I suppose that is also part of it. Although a lot of our play will end in sex and orgasms, it wouldn’t always be the case so that was also something to take into account. I think that we have found a way that works well for us so to suddenly have the focus on an orgasm a day felt a little unusual and I don’t think it added to our dynamic in the way that we hoped it might have. Rather than adding spice and passion to our existing relationship, it almost seemed to take a bit of the spontaneity from it and make it feel a bit more routine.

Part of the project was about taking time to yourself and that is certainly how it would have worked for me at other points in my life but for us, at this point in time, it didn’t necessarily complement some of the ways that we work together. I would not discourage others from trying it, on the contrary I can see a lot of positives, I would just say that right here right now, it was not necessarily a good fit for the two of us. Having called a break on day 15, I was then made to wait until day 18 for my next orgasm. I can safely say that it was worth the wait and, having broken my home run, I was then more relaxed to just go with things as and when they came about. I am not much motivated to masturbate myself these days and so most of the post-15 were joint efforts, but there were one or two solo flights.

As a way of recording each orgasm, I had come up with the idea of a ‘Dribble’ – a 30 word orgasmic account – and had aimed for one each day. Clearly this did not happen, although I did continue what I had started and so I have a 22 section version rather than the 30 I had planned. In terms of actual orgasms, as some were doubles, I have probably hit the 30 mark, but they were not an even spread. I have attached my final Dribble below, complete with the days they happened if anyone cares to delve deeper into the inner workings of our relationship. I would also like to thank Tabitha for encouraging everyone to take part and to say well done to those who have completed the challenge.

Day 1
Energy. Excitement. Part of something. Concentrate. The phone. The recording. Oh God. I’m getting there. The Phone beside my head. I’m laughing. I’m coming and laughing and coming and laughing.
Day 2
Him or me? Me. No him. Use that. Try this? Better with this. And…….relax. Here it comes. (Should we have used that?) No – this is it. Tipping over …………….. YES!
Hotel room. Rough kisses. Then cock in mouth, desperate for him. Squeezed nipples, pinched and flicked. More pain. Her tongue swirls and she sucks hard, again, again, until they burst.
Getting lost. Going deeper. Moving against the wand. Waves washing over me, riding the pleasure, bucking and twisting and pushing higher and higher. Tip over. Then……..a-n-o-t-h-e-r………hidden in aftershocks.
Finding it hard. Keep going then give up – frustrated. An offer. A lazy orgasm? I take it. Not lazy, much more lovely. Love covers me in warmth and it comes.
With the Crescendo.
Starting – pianissimo, con amore. Changing pace – allegretto, con spirito. Now, more feeling – passionato. Tremolo. More crescendo to fortissimo! Accelerando, con fuoco.
Then presto, presto, presto and ……… Fine!
Fun but no orgasm. Nice play, building up. Getting there, and there, and there. Then interruption, shift position, start again.  Something else in the air. Cuddle, kiss, spoon to finish.
Alone in the morning. Disappear into a fantasy. Snapshots of forbidden take me to the top. Then later, together, the cane, the wand, cock in mouth, he takes me back.
Alone at last. Spanked to spacey. The tingle. The fire. The heat. Then the touch.  Disappearing. Becoming lost to his touch. Touch me. More. More. Closer and closer to you.
DAY 10
Tricky again. Mood not right.  There and not and there and not. Not sure whether to carry on but want to complete the challenge. Persevere, keep going and it comes!
DAY 11
Morning then night. O plus O. Oh what fun. Oh how lucky. Oh that’s right. Oh just there. Oh my. Oh that’s good. Oh yes please. Oh more. Oh YES.
DAY 12
Spread out on Sheets of San Francisco, he takes me roughly. Knowing what I need, I am used and consumed and I fall deeper into him, coming again and again.
DAY 13
Another lucky day. Morning orgasms becoming a habit, I disappear alone. But bedtime, definitely together, sensations take over of hot glass and cold lube. Then harsher, harder, and boundaries pushed.
DAY 14
An erotic exchange. Hot skin close together. The smell of him and the taste of him. Feeling like it’s too much and not enough then spilling onto him in waves.
DAY 15
Close but elusive. I have wondered if it’s too much. I asked out loud. Too many? He calls it for me. No orgasms until Wednesday. Day 18. Wait until then.
Day 18
Definitely worth the wait. Connection. Closeness. Carried away. Seems gentle and effortless. I melt and drift and become absorbed in what passes between. Then building up and over I fall.
Day 21
Lazy morning. Washed and ready but back to bed. Feeling fresh and falling into the thought of the things you might do. Wrong but right and wrong, wrong, wrong. Yes.
Day 22
My feet start to tingle. Cold on the soles. It is coming closer. I am coming closer. Then it washes through me and I am higher and higher and YES.
Day 24
You hold me and gently you swallow me and bring me into you as I fall deeper and become lost and disappear and then you push me out of myself.
Day 27
On all fours. Ready. Waiting. You look and touch and I am melting. Then over I go and pushed back and it all happens at once as I get go.
Day 29
You wave your magic wand. My head fills with you and I can feel you in my memory and on my body. You push me further and further and further.
Day 30
A stolen moment, rough and ready, a feeling of need and want, it builds up and up and its so close and I’m at the end and then – GAME OVER.

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  1. I Absolutely love how you combined this into a writing project too – so wonderful! And they way you articulate how it worked and didn’t work in places is so fascinating and helpful for others to read. Thank you SO much for joining in and sharing your experience – it’s been so lovely to witness x x x x

    • Thank you fry involving us all. I look forward to reading all the roundups and finding out how it has gone for people. What a great idea ❤️

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