Being Vulerable
This is one of the pictures that we took last weekend when HisLordship dragged me up and out of bed first thing to go for a walk. It has been a tough week and this image seemed to capture the vulnerability that I am feeling right now. Sinful Sunday is ‘all about the image’ so I didn’t want to include my full post, but if you would like to read it then please click here.

Kiss the lips to see who else is sinning this week.

Sinful Sunday


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  1. How fantastic! You look innocent and sexy at the same time… I can see you as a wood nymph counting to 100 before setting off to “find” Hislordship in a game of hide and seek..

  2. You do look very vulnerable but also very sexy sitting. There is something slightly coy, almost playful about the pose which I really like

  3. I love the guarded exposure present in this photograph; it’s cautious and vulnerable simultaneously. The setting adds to this, I think – cold stones and warm moss / grass. It’s a touching photo.

  4. When I first saw this image it evoked sadness and so I’d say you’ve demonstrated your vulnerability perfectly. Beautifully vulnerable, I’m glad HisLordship is there with you and I hope things improve.
    O x

  5. Your photos continue to amaze and inspire me. When I look at this one I want to sit at your feet and stroke them till they are warm and till you open up and blossom like a flower waiting for the first rays of spring sunshine to lift its head to the sun.
    I hope the weekend and his help make next week better.
    Missy x

    • Thank you. I am actually feeling much better today. I was so emotional still yesterday but I think being absorbed again in my other self has helped me to feel stronger ?

    • Thank you. It was quite close to the house and I think it will change quite a bit as summer comes so we will go back and take some more.

  6. This photo is full of vulnerability. It makes me want to reach out and offer comfort some way <3

    • Thank you. I was starting to feel more at home by that point because I we had taken some others already. I think I warm up ?

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