X-Frame, X-Rated and Xylophone Mallets

XA to Z Challenge – X

Ok I will be really honest – the letter X has been a huge challenge. We don’t really do much that starts with X, in real life or in D/s so I am kind of scraping the barrel here. I suppose that the X-FRAME or St Andrew’s Cross would be one thing that we would like to have some experience of. I am not hugely into flogging but I think that part of that is because (a) I am a lazy sub and so find it hard to drift off when I am holding my own weight, and (b) our bedroom is not really big enough for Sir to get a good swing going when I am lying on the bed. A cross is something that we hope that he can make, although it would need to be like his play bench and fold flat for easy storage. Being married to a DIY DOM does have its advantages, so watch this space.

My second X is for X-RATED and that probably covers the content of much of my blog. I believe it is important to mark out adult content as such and try to consider they types of things that people might, or might not, want to stumble across on here. Recently, with the addition of more photos, I think I have probably ventured into a different realm and I keep being caught on Facebook for posting things with inappropriate content so I am trying to remember not to link ‘those’ posts on there. It concerns me the media move to try to stop the posting of such material and I don’t see the issue if it is clearly labeled as such. The recent spate of shadow banning on social media platforms like Twitter is something that I would like to speak out against, hence my move to try to start participating in #SoSS. I realise that, having got off to a good start this has sort of slipped for me, but I hope once I have reached the end of this challenge I will have more time for reading and posting.

Lastly for X is XYLOPHONE MALLETS which I think would be a great pervertable, as far as impact toys go. I have seen people use a meat tenderiser, but to be used for such percussion I think would work well. We have yet to invest in a pair of these little gems but will let you know how that works out when we do.

I hope that my squeezing of the letter X didn’t make you too X (cross lol).  Check tomorrow for the letter Y and to see the rest of my A-Z, click here: A to Z Challenge.

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  1. Hopefully I don’t seem to be xerothermic (couldn’t resist, sorry) at times but it is fair to say that I have a useful combination of experience and skills. I just don’t come out of that shell often. But you are always interesting and thought provoking so….
    What if I figured out a way to make one that folds flat quickly, allows a safe, silent, sturdy assembly and can be made with common supplies for under $100USD at some point in the past? Think he would have interest?

      • Whoa Nelly, easy. (Heard in a laughing tone I hope.) There are a couple of permeations possible depending on the space, preferences and such. End result is the same sooooo, be patient for a moment.

  2. Don’t want to bug you so I hope this is ok. A comment elsewhere just now reminded me of this project. Did you see the mail I sent after leaving the comment above?

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