Trust, Transition and Training

TA to Z Challenge – T

T is another letter where there is quite a lot to say but I want to begin with TRUST. I have always trusted HisLordship but the sort of trust we have now is not anything that I ever would have anticipated. It is linked very much to everything else and grows from the way you interact with each other. It is the sort of thing where you know for sure that someone will be there for you. You know that they have your best interests at heart and you know that they have your back. Often they respond to things before you even have time to realise they would have become an issue. It is complete and I would liken it to the feeling of letting go and falling backwards. It is thrilling and nerve-wracking but you know that you are going to be caught. I have written about Domination, submission and Trust in this post.

TRANSITION is something that I have to do a lot. I guess if you are in a relationship where you can remain in a submissive mindset all the time then this would not be as relevant but for me there have always been other pulls on my time, my emotions and my headspace. This has meant that we have relied on rituals to help to make this switch. There are things that I will be required to do to let HL know how I am feeling so that he is able to help me make the transition, usually from work mode to home mode, but it can happen when we are very focussed on family too. The posts  Square pegs, round holes and submissionA hard day made better and Catch me if you can are examples of how this can work.

My last T is for TRAINING. With us, training has not been overt. I have heard in some dynamics where there is an experienced Dom, the sub goes through a period of training to be what that Dominant requires. With us it has evolved more naturally than that and the dynamic has weaved and grown through various aspects of our relationship so it is not as obvious and doesn’t feel as much like training. I know that over time things have changed though. My body responds physically to Sir now and I become wet at his command. He also took ownership of my orgasms early on and this has led to him having far more control of them. I am not able to come on command as such but he does have some degree of orgasm control. My body also responds to the physical pain and I have written about that in my post about the sweet spot. At points we have targeted specific things that we want to change and I have written about one such example in Training the mind and the body.
I hope that you have been tantalised by my letter T.  Check tomorrow for the letter U and to see the rest of my A-Z, click here: A to Z Challenge.

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