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I have really struggled this week, which is why I am only now posting the brilliant sketch I received on Monday from the artist, E T Costello. He had responded to the picture I posted on Sunday and offered to do a ‘quick sketch’ (pictured below) during his train journey, which led to the beautiful piece above. I had such a fantastic week last week which culminated in being sent his picture.

It is hard to explain what it felt like for someone like me to somehow find themselves becoming an artist’s subject! I suppose it was a mixture of incredulity, excitement and thrill. It also felt a little unreal, especially as I moved back from two weeks where I was immersed in my missy-side to a very different role now that I was back at work, and I am afriad the effects of that have pretty well exhausted me.

Regardless of why, I am sorry that it has taken me so long to acknowledge both the kind gesture and the amazing talent of Quill. To see other examples of his work (art, writing and poetry) please visit his blog at or find him on Twitter at @ETCostello1

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