For His Pleasure

“The essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure.”

Dale Carnegie

We recently went away for a night alone together and were able to take some pictures. I have called this one ‘For His Pleasure’ because that is really what it is about. We have long been fans of Jack Vettriano and had taken some inspiration from some of the amazing paintings he has done. The whole drive behind my nudity and becoming more comfortable with it has come from HisLordship and it was nice at last to be able to be comfortable enough to stand while he enjoyed looking at what was his.  I also love that he is in this picture as so often he is there behind the camera but isn’t seen.

Sinful Sunday
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  1. This is all kinds of classy and sexy. I love that you’re naked except heels and what a power trip for him to be clothed while you are not.

  2. Oh, wow – I didn’t see his legs until I’d been looking at the photo for a while! This is fucking beautiful. It reminds me a lot of Cheeky Minx’s photos because of the setting and style. What amazing lighting!!!

    • Thank you. It was actually during the day but he closed all the curtains as it was too bright otherwise. He has been experimenting a lot with the camera settings ?

  3. Fabulous lighting! Very “atmospheric”. I must confess I’m struggling to see him in the images – my eyesight is not that flash. But what I can’t stop staring at are the contours of your back (and your right calf) – all those inviting dips and hollows… xx

  4. It is a great image. Took me a moment to find him in the shot but I think that is because you are mainly very distracting 😉

    • I think I needed to increase the light. It looked lighter on my laptop but then when I reduced the size I think I lost some of that. ?

  5. This is so hot. Not only because of what we can see in the image, which is mighty fine indeed, but also to what else the image hints at, the dynamic, the events that came before and after. It’s as if there is a whole story within one image x

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