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A to Z - QA to Z Challenge – Q

Q is a more challenging letter to write about as the only thing that sprang to mind when I thought about a kinky alphabet was queening and we don’t do that. So my first Q is QUESTIONS.  As a submissive I find it helpful to question my behaviour and actions towards HisLordship as a natural part of what I do. The two main questions I ask are: ‘Does he know that I am thinking about him?’ and ‘Does he feel my want and need for him?’ There are obviously follow-on questions from those and I write about it in more detail in Submissive Questions.  Suffice to say that if he knows that making him happy is my priority and he feels desired and wanted by me, the knock on effect for me is knock out. So it makes sense for me to do it and check in with myself, especially when I become busy or absorbed in other tasks.

Second for the Qs is KEEPING QUIET. This is a skill that I wish we did not require quite as much as we do. I have mentioned the need for finding quietish ways to play quite a bit and really must get to writing the post on ‘The Art of the Silent Orgasm’ that I have planned.  It has led to occasions where will finally be on our own and Sir will still be whispering.
“Why are you whispering, Sir?” she whispers. “We are on our own.”
“Yes we are!” he says gruffly back. “And I will make sure that you know about it,” he adds loudly into her ear as he slaps her bottom hard.
But seriously, it can be a passion limiter when you have to think about every tap, slap, buzz and gasp so, while it is something we have to do, we also love the freedom when we can truly let go and make some noise.

Connected to keeping quiet, is the need to maximise our time, hence the QUICKIES. We have to make sure that we make the absolute most of the opportunities we get and to be creative within that. Not necessarily what is says in the Domination handbook but something that HL has had to work around non-the-less. It isn’t always ideal to be playing to the clock but needs must and if there is ever an opportunity before lights out to get down and dirty, we will try to take it. The following posts are such times: Three HoursDetails of a naughty lunchbreak and Saturday Morning – sans kids.

I hope that you have quietly enjoyed my letter Q.  Check tomorrow for the letter R and to see the rest of my A-Z, click here: A to Z Challenge.

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