Orgasms, Oral and Openness

A to Z - OA to Z Challenge – O

An obvious for the letter O is ORGASMS and I have already written a series of posts about different types of orgasms. I am also taking part in the 30 day orgasm challenge this month so that has left me writing quite a bit about them. My relationship with orgasms changed when I submitted; my orgasms became owned by HisLordship and he decides when and where. However, the play that we do has also led to the most intense and powerful orgasms of my life so it is all good.

My second O or ORAL. Again, this is something that has developed and now forms a really big part of the way we interact with each other. I have written about this in When giving meets receiving but have also found that sucking HL’s cock is something that has become therapeutic for me. I explain in Cock Therapy about how this works and it has become something that is an easy way for me to transition into a submissive mindset.

Lastly, OPENNESS.  In a relationship where you are going to put each other’s needs first and aim to meet the needs of the other, it is essential to be completely open and honest. This was something that took a little getting used to as it leads to a huge feeling of vulnerability. However, this is essential to the dynamic being able to work so really it is one of the key foundations. I have written about the foundations in The house that D/s built

I hope that my letter O has been organised.  Check tomorrow for the letter P and to see the rest of my A-Z, click here: A to Z Challenge.

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  1. Ooooh! Original and filled with informative information and links to Other posts ? the writing flows organically from one topic to another beautifully…

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