Sun and Snow

In an effort to meet my daily step target (9000 and counting), HisLordship and I went for a walk this afternoon. I have to say that I was a little surprised and lot unsure when he suddenly told me to remove my clothes for a picture, adding that it was too good an opportunity to miss. Outdoor photography is not something we have ever really done before. It was only a few weeks ago that I braved a photo in our own garden so to move from there to the wild wide open felt exactly that – wild.
He was right of course. appealing to my wilder side was also very freeing. Without the restriction of clothes I felt somehow liberated. The usual concerns of being seen and recognised seemed much less important than doing something which belonged to the inner me. The feeling of the sun on my skin was a good contrast to the snow on the hills and although still a nip in the air, the wind which touched my nipples had the promise of summer about it.

Emboldened, spirited and invigorated by the experience, I went on to replace and remove my clothes at two further locations during our walk, although I shall save those images for another day. On the way home we talked about what would make it easier to take such pictures in future and laughed about what the most removable items of clothing would be. I have previously looked at our geographical location as a disadvantage to our D/s as it is too rural to have much on offer in the way of interesting events to attend. Countryside and scenery, however, we have aplenty so we should really make the most of that.

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    • It is all of you who have inspired me. I feel like it was just waiting there and anxiety meant that I found excuses and reasons why I should try.

  1. I love being naked outside – you may have noticed 😉 great shot – you and the view look just fantastic x

  2. “the wind which touched my nipples had the promise of summer about it.” Oh god that did make me laugh. Very proud of my girl getting with nature this afternoon. Always a surprise up her sleeve… if she had one!

  3. I love it! You are truly an inspiration. Some day I too will be brave enough to share my story, life and photos.

    • Thank you so much preciousann. I hope that you do choose to share one day. I wouldn’t have done it without a big push (and a pull) in the right direction though ?

  4. I love this, I couldn’t agree more the feel of cold wind going all around your body, in places that shouldn’t feel it, is exhilarating. Well done for taking the plunge to do this, your body is beautiful. ?????

    • Thank you daliacatt. I think I am late to catch on to the freedom and exhilaration idea. Better late than never though. I wish that I was younger and finding all of this but at least it is making me feel younger even though it doesn’t change my years ?

  5. Naked in nature pictures have to be one of my favourite genres. I too love that feeling of freedom when the sun is on my bare skin – a feeling you have conveyed beautifully here.
    O x

  6. It’s difficult coming in on the tail end of so many supportive comments, just want to add my voice to the mix. Well done you! (both) and what a great place to get your kit off.

  7. What a wonderful photo. Definitely time to take advantage of your great surroundings, plus we get more of these kinds of sights. A win/win in my book!

  8. I am not envious of your location when it comes to going to events but when it comes to outdoor photography you bet I am. I would be vanishing into those hills with my tripod and camera and probably be gone for hours.

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