Mindset, Maintenance and Middles

A to Z - MA to Z Challenge – M

For the letter M I thought I would start with MINDSET. For me, adopting a submissive mindset has been the biggest reward and also the biggest challenge. It has meant that I have had to not only change how I behave, but also how I think. As time has worn on it has become much easier but I have always struggled with the transition between my role in my vanilla life and my role as a submissive wife. There is overlap of course, but we have had to work hard at providing a transition which allows me to move between what is required of me in one to what is required for the other. I have written a lot about this is posts such as Maintaining my Mindset.

Again, MAINTENANCE is something that I come back to again and again. It would be nice if I would say that we had things just as we needed them and they were amazing all the time, but that is not reality. Sometimes, it is more a case that we need to focus on the basics – bread and butter D/s as my friend Emily would say. The time when I wrote Maintenance D/s was one such time, although I will admit there have been many.

My final M is MIDDLES. It came as a huge surprise to me to realise that I had tendencies towards being a middle. We had enjoyed some age play in the form of a Schoolgirl Scene but this was something different. I have a number of brilliant friends who are littles and I think that made me disregard it somehow as I didn’t like doing the same things as them. There were parts that I could identify with and others that felt unfamiliar to me as I explain in The girl in me which I guess I used to test the water before I ‘came out’ in Little Missy Middle.

I hope that you have meandered through the M posts.  Check on Monday for the letter N and to see the rest of my A-Z, click here: A to Z Challenge.

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  1. Marvelous, mindful and moving ?… I’ve been looking at the “middle” mindset recently in my own life. Some of my own behaviour feels to fit this mindset.

    • Thank you for commenting. I think a lot of the middle part comes from me feeling safe and more girly. It sort of brings that out in me as the fun part is freer to take over when I don’t have the usual responsibilities. ?

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