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A to Z - JA to Z Challenge – J

I think that really, anyone who follows my blog will know that it is about my JOURNEY. This whole experience has been one which has changed my perception quite significantly. It is a journey of learning, of growth, of development and more importantly it is a journey which I do not see ending anytime soon. Sometimes it will feel like I may have reached the point I thought I was travelling to, but the very nature of it means that there will always be more. This is something that I come back and forth to in my writing and the two posts Submissive Plateau and the follow on post Path to the Summit? deal with an example of when this happened.

JUXTAPOSITION is a strange one but, hey, J is not an easy letter so I had to think creatively. It also appealed to my English teacher hat so I decided to give it a go. I actually thought I had written a discreet piece about contrasts but it seems I haven’t, either that or my indexing is not as good as I thought. What I do know is that I see contrasts everywhere in my relationship. Things which are seemingly opposite which become juxtaposed together and then allow me to experience the similarities, sometimes with that being so close that one thing actually becomes the other. Such is the case with pleasure and pain, and I know that I have written about how it feels when those two things merge in my mind and become confused. This piece Absence explains how even when we are apart, somehow that brings us closer and when writing about spanking I have also written about the contrasting feelings: “I am completely vulnerable but so completely safe. I am fully exposed but so fully protected by him. I am thoroughly naughty but so thoroughly innocent as well.” There is also the contrast of the two sides of me, submissive and otherwise but I will make that part of my ‘S’ post.

My last one for J is JOURNALING. I know that many submissives keep journals and I did try that for a short time, but this is my journal really and this works for me. It ties in to the journey as my reflection forms a huge part of my growth as a person and as a submissive. I have found out so many things about myself through expressing my thoughts here and, although my blog is also about other things that have happened to me, it is all personal to me and my submissive journal category always remains the largest. Quite recently I wrote about Writing  and the importance it has to me: really this blog is my online journal.

I hope that you have joyously read my letter J.  Check tomorrow for the letter K and to see the rest of my A-Z, click here: A to Z Challenge.


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