Missy’s SoSS #2

Missy's #SoSS

Welcome to missy’s SoSS #2

The first article I would like to share is Living with Chronic Lyme Disease by the fabulous May More. In this post May explains that her “man is an author, a rider, a musician. He has worn the hat of a journalist, a social worker and a builder. He has an amazing brain; has fabulous hands; has a very neat, sexy arse; he also has Lyme Disease.”  She goes on to give a full account of the impact that the disease has had in a post which is informative, moving and inspiring at the same time and, if you haven’t read it already, I would highly recommend it.

The second article that I want to recommend is The Catastrophe of Ageing by Exposing 40. In this post Exposing40 examines the visibility, or otherwise, of women as they age, commenting that she feels “a little guilty that my experience is out of kilter with friends who feel differently and while I understand the reasons they give for feeling invisible, to me they are more visible and more vital than they have ever been.” This is such an interesting topic that I think it will generate some responses and is something that has really got me thinking.

The next post I would like to share is Body Iamge Talk: Working Those Tiger Stripes by Becoming Violet Grey. This post is about body image, beauty and body positivity so it is something that I am interested in anwyay, but I loved the upbeat and humourous voice that Violet uses. So hopefully you will take her advice and “Work those tiger stripes, you beauties!”
I also loved this short piece called Rise by Kinky and Perky. “It is like love, she told me. You wait for a while, create the conditions, show patience and desire and it comes literally out of the air.” Although not a long read, I enjoyed the beautiful imagery and the way the characters and their relationship came to life and developed.

The last post I would like to recommend is by Posy Churchgate. I loved what Posy did with this remake of an old favourite. ” His bio read “Gingerbread Man: Good enough to eat!  With a gym-honed body and a sparkling wit you’ll enjoy each moment spent in the company of this fascinating guy who enjoys luxury travel, theatre and ball games.” ” Click here to read the rest of her story: Twisted Fairytale #3

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  1. Thank you and your man for both taking time to read my post and for sharing it. So many people are unaware of LD and its impact on a persons mental and physical wellbeing. That’s really why I wrote it. When/if the shadow ban is lifted I will tweet it to the necessary groups. x

    • It was so interesting. I had heard of it as I have a pupil who contracted it and was affected by overwhelming tiredness for a while but he seems to be ok now. I hadn’t realized the impact it could have.

  2. Thank you for the links you’ve shared, I have bookmarked a few to read and Thank You for sharing my story! I find the re-working of the fairy tales such fun … its like writing a story and putting coded messages in it!

      • Oooh, that does sound intriguing … but maybe you’re about to tackle quite a complicated one for your first … there are many threads there, a fairy tale is for a child’s entertainment so more straightforward!

          • Sometimes when I dont have many ideas, that is when framing things with an existing story helps me – then all I have to do is think of my modern twists on the well known tale and the plot is already structured. I struggled over how the GB man would be ‘eaten up’ by the fox, but I think lost in her thrall is close enough! We should all write what we feel comfortable with, I am not so keen on my ‘opinion pieces’ but you do those so well. x

  3. Ironic selections ma’am.
    Young man next door (whom I’ve written about before) has Lyme’s and I could do a book on body image so…..

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