Growth, Giving and Gentlemen

A to Z - GA to Z Challenge – G

Today is the letter G and my first topic is GROWTH. For me, a huge part of this journey has been about personal growth. D/s has given me the secure base with which to try things that I never would have before. It has allowed me to explore in a sexual sense but also to learn more about myself as a person. It has given me the opportunity to push past the limits I previously set for myself, due to the security and strength that I have gained from the relationship, and also for us to grow together as a couple. Much of my blog is about this growth but in particular the posts Two Years and Three Years of submission.

GIVING is another huge topic, for without the continual give and take, the whole thing would fall flat on its face. I think that the post, The Power Exchange , explains how the circle of give and take works for us, but The Gift of Giving shows really what we get as people from the act of giving. I wrote This Thing We Do as a sort of reflective post after I did my submissive advent calendar (which weirdly received a lot of views yesterday – in April!) where I gave a gift each day of advent, so that also gives a bit of a flavour as to the sorts of things that we do for one another.

And lastly for G is GENTLEMAN, for that is how I would describe the sort of Dominant that HisLordship is: a Gentleman Dom. Perhaps it is different for us that he was my husband before he was my Dom, but I have also noticed a lot of similar qualities among the other Dominants I have come across in long term relationships like ours. Perhaps the gentlemanly ones are just the good ones and we are lucky, but for me it is a big part of who he is, so G is for Loving a Gentleman.

I hope that my letter G has been great to read. No A to Z post on Sunday so check on Monday for the letter H and to see the rest of my A-Z, click here: A to Z Challenge.


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  1. My relationship with kat has been undergoing a major revelation and transition in the continual Give & Take within the D/s dynamic, which also show the continual Growth with both enjoy as we put forth the effort and move forward.
    Good post, Missy.

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