Missy’s SoSS #1

Missy's #SoSS
I have seen the SoSS tag on Twitter before but never really known what it was about. More and more I feel like I have bedded into my cosy little corner of WordPress and not really noticed what was going on too much in the outside world. If I am being honest it is probably not just my blogging persona who does this and I will openly admit to living in my own little bubble in a number of ways. Anyway, attending Eroticon sort of changed that for me in that I saw there was not only a lot of exciting stuff happening beyond my own little nest, but I also realised that I might have a part to play, even if that part is very small, in trying to make a difference to the way that thoughts about sex and what we do are viewed.

What I learned about #SoSS was that it is actually a way to share the opinions, ideas , pictures and pieces of writing which might be subjected to censorship via the social media platforms we use to express them. I have heard stories of blogs disappearing from WordPress due to adult themed content and am aware that accounts on twitter etc can be ‘shadowbanned’. It seems that it is becoming harder and harder to write like we do and actually challenge some of the public’s misconceptions. So SoSS (Share our Shit Saturday) is about sharing the writing and images that you have enjoyed through the week with other like-minded people who might be interested.

So here goes for missy’s SoSS #1

For the past while I have been taking part in Sinful Sunday as an effort to deal with some of my body image issues. A few weeks in and I dragged my friend Sweetgirl into the sinful fun with me. Sweetgirl’s bravery has moved far more quickly than my own and I absolutely loved this image that she shared for last week’s entry called Don’t Move.

I met Cara Theron a couple of weeks ago (you can guess where) and she was as lovely in person as I had imagined from the positive comments that she posts. Not only is she a gorgeous person she is also a fantastic writer and I was left after reading her dystopian story, Looking Glass wanting to know more.

One of the most interesting pieces I have read this week was Forget Perfection, Bring Me the Glory by Pippen Strange (a guest post on Coffee and Kink) where they describe their ‘Life as a Disabled Kinkster.’ Not only was this a fascinating post, it was also beautifully written. The humorous way that Pippin engaged with the reader and the beauty with which they described their relationships stayed with me long after reading.

One blogger who I have followed and loved for a long time is Wild West Angel. I read Angel’s posts and it is often as if we share the same head. I think that she just has that uncanny ability to explain things in a way which is completely relatable and I could have chosen any one of the four posts she has published this week. I am going to link to her post, Control as this is something that I have thought about and written about a lot myself recently.

Another blogger who I have come across more recently is Eye and her post Turning 60 and Eroticon really touched me, not just because I had met her during this time, but also because I think that a lot of the fears and self doubts she expresses here are shared by many of us.

I know it is meant to be five recommendations but I also wanted to share a link to Posy’s blog: Pillow Talk by Posy Churchgate. I was delighted to be asked to do an interview as part of Posy’s SoSS entry for this week so here is a link to her ‘share’ and, of course, the interview with me 🙂 Consider it Shared

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    • I think the SoSS is a good idea so I wanted to give it a go. And your writing is amazing so I am sure you don’t need a boost from me but I wanted to acknowledge how good it was ? When you are back next time, if you want to take a trip up North and explore our part of the country then give us a shout x

  1. Yay – I am very glad you are getting involved with SoSS – it’s so important because of all the bloody shadowbanning and censorship. If I don’t have time to do a post so I put out some tweets of things I have enjoyed and link them to SoSS on twitter. Welcome to the SoSS club 😉 xx

    • I have been so short of time recently that I don’t know how well I will do but I having got started that will give me an incentive to keep going ?

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