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Funny Bunnies

The prompt for Sinful Sunday this week was humour. Molly wrote, “Sex is often portrayed as a very serious thing but actually, really, it is meant to be a happy and fun experience and in my experience a person with a great sense of humour often makes for a great lover. So your image needs to capture the fun, playful, joyful, funny, silly, happy aspects of sex, bodies, etc.”

HisLordship and I do have a lot of fun and we try never to take ourselves too seriously. We had fun thinking of an image to use for this week’s entry – the slave girl charming her Master’s snake out of hiding with the dulcet tones of her flute was tried, but didn’t quite make the cut! In the end I think that Sir is the one who had the most fun drawing these little fellows and it is me who is now required to have a sense of humour to post them. So going with the Easter theme we proudly present – ‘Funny Bunnies’ for Sinful Sunday.

Sinful Sunday


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  1. Ok, I’ll comment this time. Not an art critic by any stretch but that is unique, cute, creative and hilarious all in one sitting. A mixture hit when I saw it. My sense of humor had me laughing but the creativity made me admire a mind.
    Well done both.

  2. Beautiful and cute and yes you have created an image with just the right attitude for the prompt.

  3. All of the above! Made me grin Missy!
    Keep that Master/Slave girl snake charming thing in the back of your mind – don’t tell anyone -especially not the SS crowd… but I believe there will be a slave girl/Odilesque ArtTwist coming up in a few weeks…

    • Awww too late as Sir posted it as his entry. I was looking at your art twist today. I might give it a go. Don’t know much about art but it looks like fun. I will have to perfect the slave girl act for then ?

      • You would be most welcome. I’m sure you could stage a re-enactment of the slave girl one it will be a couple of weeks as number five has just come out. Meanwhile there are swings, flying slippers and gratuitous upskirting to be had! Lol!

  4. Good sport. Hahaha. The point is I definitely smiled thinking of the fun that was had drawing them. Could’ve added some fun little baskets with eggs, clamped in place of course. Lovely

    • Thank you. That is the first online outing for my nipples as I have always tried to hide them. Three years of breast feeding left them ‘altered’ and my mind wanted to keep them hidden. I have been encouraged by other people embracing their bodies so decided to go with it too. I am still sort of cringing inside but posting them under the jokey theme felt more manageable. ?

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