The Fishnet Affair

The fishnet affair

I have had a bit of a love/hate relationship with fishnets over the years. I suppose my interest has come and gone with the fashions a bit but the change in our lifestyle has meant that I have given them another go and fishnet is back in one form or another, in my underwear drawer, and also in that section of the wardrobe kept for special occasions.

I can remember wearing fishnets in the early 80s when I first took an interest in boys. The first time I wore them with a rara skirt and white stilettos with my mother looking on askance as she clearly picked up on an undertone which I was oblivious to. I had to go to ‘The Market’ in Aberdeen to buy them and she was horrified about that too. I was pretty naive and when I got ready to go out I realised they weren’t tights but stockings. My mum had pop socks but no stockings so I was a little confused and had to ask her what these weird tights were and how they worked. At this point it was too late to investigate how to keep them up securely without another trip back to the market, so off I went with some sellotape folded double to hold them onto the tops of my legs.

As my knowledge of lingerie grew, I purchased a little suspender belt and me and my fishnets danced the night away to ‘Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ and ‘Fame’ at many a disco. Paired with other classics like the leg warmer and the obligatory ‘luminous’ items (now dubbed the more popular term, neon) they remained more about fashion than about anything else. But I felt good in them. I thought I was cool and that was what mattered at that time. I dressed more to impress my friends than for the attention of the boys and any effect my choice of leg attire had on them was more about luck than forward planning.

When I left school and moved to university I left my fishnet phase behind. It wasn’t really what was done there – the fashions had changed and so had the expectations on me about who I was. It wasn’t a good time for me really. I struggled with that classic thing of finding myself, or at the very least of feeling lost, and I felt weighed down by a dislike of myself. The carefree days of the fishnets were gone and were replaced with episodes of self-loathing, self-harm, low-mood and an eating disorder. There was nothing sexy about anything from that time really and although I had relationships, one really serious one, they were always tempered by that battle with my mental health.

It wasn’t until much later, after that classic invention of the hold up, that I returned to revisit my friend the fishnet. By this time a lot had happened in terms of life experience. I knew that fishnets carried those undertones of sex and was ready to make that statement. I experimented on and off a bit but as a stay at home mum there wasn’t as much call for dressing up as there once had been.  I also seemed to lose the interest of my husband and as I bent over to load the washing machine in my little shorty knickers and asked if he was coming up to bed, he continued to watch Newsnight without even a sideways glance. As the marriage grew stale, my fishnets were pushed to the back of the drawer, hiding but not forgotten.

In the end I went back to work in the hope of saving my marriage or at the very least, being financially independent enough to end it. Clearly the latter was the way that it went but as a smart teacher in a fitted suit, I was able to enjoy my fishnets once again. It was the era of the patterned tight so really they were quite in keeping. We all enjoyed the freedom of expression for at least 6 months until one of the deputes deemed them ‘lady-of-the-night-tights’ and banned them as acceptable school dress. It was during this time, however, that I was horribly let down (literally) by Marks and Spencer and I have never forgiven them the humiliation.

As I sassed through central hall on the way to my classroom, I felt my hold up begin to loosen. With an armful of books (typical English teacher) there was nothing at all I could do. I continued my walk of shame and by the time I reached my destination at the other side of the school, the one on the left was slipping dangerously below the hemline of my skirt and the one on right was flapping in a mocking way around my knee. I hurried straight into my cupboard to compose myself, pulled them up high enough up to get back to my desk for a couple of bulldog clips, and then returned to my cupboard for my makeshift repairs, embarrassed and unimpressed.

This experience did put me off, hold-ups in general and not just fishnets, but I didn’t care for the overhang of my tummy from a traditional suspender belt, and tights just didn’t feel sexy so I persevered. Three kids and the body image issues left over from my eating disorder meant that I had to work at feeling sexy and it was a time in my life where I needed that. My marriage ended and me and my fishnets moved out and I learnt to be me again. It took a while but then I met the man who is currently my husband and Dom and the rest, as they say, is history. But wait! What about the fishnets?

Well, they have been out more times than I can say. HisLordship is partial to them and has encouraged the wearing thereof on many an occasion. He has not hidden his thoughts and more recently has had me move from fishnets in private to them being worn, again, in a more open forum. We have recently invested in a couple of fishnet body stockings (one pictured above) which have elicited a very positive response from him. I feel that my affair with the fishnet is moving firmly into a new phase, and I cannot easily predict where it will go. What I do know is that HisLordship has moulded and shaped the sexy women who he commands into the fishnets, and that is what has made the real difference.

The 4 Thoughts or Fiction prompt this time is Stockings, so although this is an older post, I thought I would add it as it seemed to fit.

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  1. Many a thing strikes me as vapid or wrong headed. Among them is ladies and their lingerie choices. They get what they like. Now this is their choice in most settings but……, it’s for the other isn’t it? It is for their attention. Why not go with what they desire? It is good that a sweet spot of choice exists for y’all in these items.

    • Ahhh. I think we aim to please but sometimes what they desire is impractical and comfort wins over enticing them. Clearly in some relationships we get round that problem though ?

      • You are right and I was unclear. My thoughts weren’t tied to a particular item. A preference for such could be included though and usually is. The first thing that came to mind was actually quite different.
        I’ve repeatedly heard women complain that their husband prefers (insert color) items. But they don’t like that color. They prefer “x” because it looks better on them. Hmmmmm, you’re wearing it in privacy for him and he likes “a”, why buy “x”?
        You’re right, big benefit of this way! You simply get everybody happy a lot more.

  2. What a fabulous image! But I truly loved reading your story and cringed right along side you during the “failed hold-ups” episode. Thanks for sharing as always. Indie xx

  3. Another lovely shot of you. The fishnets are enticing but what they “cover” is even more of a treat. I hadn’t realized you were also in your second marriage. Your first husband made a grave error, but then you found His Lordship and he immediately showed his intelligence by snapping you up!!

    • Yes we both are. Hence the brood of 7 kids. It is sad when something falls away like that but we both feel so lucky for a second chance. ?

  4. So I know this was specifically about fishnets, but I really love your honesty here about your life AND the role fishnets played in it. You’re gorgeous by the way. I’ve never been a fishnets girl honestly, but I’m developing a love for bodystockings! You look great in that photo

  5. You look fab in that body stocking and its funny how one can see their history in fishnets or a particular item – suddenly it feels like many lives have been lived – if you know what I mean 😉 x

    • Yes I do. It is strange sometimes sitting down to write one thing and it comes out as another. I suppose my writing is often like that. The one about boots ended up being about our relationship too ?

  6. That is a stunning shot and you look as hot as hell in that body stocking. I think finding a partner that nurtures that slutty sex side of you can really help you to discover what you find sexy. It is so easy when you don’t that to just suppress it all…. and yes I am speaking from experience

    • I smiled at the end of that. And thank you. I feel like he makes me sexy but being more open means that I can feel it now in other situations too ?

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  8. That fight between stockings, hold-ups and tights is real. I hate the bellboy roll over suspended belts but then hold-up should be re-named fall downs so aren’t sexy either and tights don’t feel hygienic at all! I go for stockings, I can hide the belly roll and know I look good.

    • I bought some knickers with stocking hooks which are good and they always work well with a corset. I think there could be an invention out there still to be made though ?

  9. I suspected that I recognised this post, but I can see that I didn’t comment on it when I read it the 1st time. I think we must be a similar age because I can remember similar style moments to those you reference – it had me nodding along.

    I too had a walk of shame with a hold-ups failure; in Paris and my OH we were walking to a fancy restaurant when I felt the terrible slither and bagging of the stockings round my knees. What a time for it to happen, inviting more scorn from the waiters than our school-room French already did!
    But missy what a finale, HL is just the right person to encourage you to ‘sass’ again. Your figure is great, your legs gorgeous and you ooze sexy – own it with your fishnet adornments (and please continue to share the pics!) xx

    • I laughed at the thought of your hold ups too. Stockings are the way to go I think. At least we have learnt even if it was the hard way. Merry Christmas Posy. Missy xx

      • Absolutely, tried it, learned from it! Lets keep ‘sassing’ through 2021 – Seasonal wishes for good health and fortune to you xx

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