Submissy image Feeding the Birdsnot available

Feeding the Birds

Submissy image Feeding the Birdsnot available

Birds are the most popular group in the animal kingdom. We feed them and tame them and think we know them. And yet they inhabit a world which is really rather mysterious.
David Attenborough

This picture marks the start of ‘the more’ for me I think. I have been so surprised and encouraged by the reception that my last three pictures have got that I felt brave enough to take things a bit further this week. I have also been inspired by what other participants in Sinful Sunday have posted and this has motivated me to push past some of the boundaries that I had set for myself.

I found the quotation above and thought it was appropriate somehow in that the link with the birds fitted, but also that it hinted at the two worlds that I currently inhabit: The one where I am known but hidden and the one where I am hidden but slowly becoming known.

Sinful Sunday
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  1. This is only one of the pictures taken and I have to admit I am so really pleased that Missy has cast aside her long standing body issues to allow this to take place. Very proud Missy, and very beautiful. Xx

  2. They are related to dinosaurs or so they say! They do look a bit strange, only the other day I was remarking how the birds watch us, as if they’re thinking, “we were here before you, and we’ll still be here when you’ve gone”
    And then I noticed you picture!! Haha, love it! You’re a brave “bird!” 😀

  3. Fabulous fun shot and i am loving your wellies – having a particular fondness for them myself 😉

  4. My two pence worth. You look amazing. Must be such a chore for Hislordship to play photographer(not)

  5. I have so much love for all this. I love why you have picked that quote and how it not only fits what you are doing in the image but how it relates to who you are as a person. I am also delighted to see that you are enjoying the photography more and exploring the photography more and more. I hope you continue to do so.
    Oh and the wellies are completely fabulous

    • Thank you. I am really enjoying it and am finding that it is helping so much with my body image. I’m hoping to pick up some photography tips at Eroticon too ? Having the rules of thirds was great because I don’t know much about taking pictures and hadn’t heard of that. It was fun to do.

    • It was. We weren’t out there long. HL look about 8 pictures but that was one of the last and you can see my legs are starting to go purplish lol

  6. Ooooh I love this <3 I love the image, the quote and those colourful wellies. I alos love how pale your skin is yet instead of blending with the snow – your figure hops out. Fab <3 x

  7. You look glorious is a winter wonderland setting. You are brave to risk the cold , but you don’t need to brave to show that great figure off! Love it all
    Missy x

    • Thank you. I am really learning a lot by taking part in Sinful Sunday and have been so encouraged by all the supportive comments ?

  8. A very rare sighting of the Scottish Red-Crested Neon-Wellied Bare-Arsed Wench in her winter plumage — or lack thereof. I’ll be making a tick in my life list of birds. 🙂 Is that an Apple watch? Very brave, missy, but you have a great body and should relish strutting your stuff.

  9. So hard to add anything original. I can only echo how gorgeous you look (I’ve also commented on an earlier post of yours so I won’t repeat the ways round the legal stuff), and what a fun delightful image this is! A rare bird indeed.

  10. Lovely image, so very english in its simple charm and the words you chose to go with it, hinting that they could be about you as much as the birds. Stunning.

  11. This is just absolutely gorgeous! You are doing such a normal outside thing, but totally nude. It’s a beautiful location as well and so well captured. I really love this photo!
    Aurora x

    • Thank you. I have HL to thank for taking the picture but it was interesting to focus on the thirds rule and see how that worked ?

  12. You always come across as very kind and caring person and this photo just goes to prove it once more. The colourful wellies gives it a beautiful surreal feel. On the other hand you make feeding the birds in the buff in the freezing cold seem like the most natural thing in the world to do. x

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