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Last week I decided to take part in Sinful Sunday in the hope that it would allow me to show a little more of myself, both in terms of what I write about and in the image that accompanies it, and ultimately become more comfortable with being me.  When I first started blogging I used an avatar from a painting we had that I liked, but after a while I wanted something that was actually me.

We took these pictures one weekend when we were home alone and I used this one with a heavy sketch filter over the top so that I could still hide behind it a bit. Avatars always come out so small and I know that quite a few people have mistaken it for a lampshade in the past, although there have also been those who knew they were talking to my bum! Now, in the spirit of being more open, I thought it would be a good idea to post the picture without a filter as part of my aim to slowly remove the layers that I have used to hide behind in the past.

Sinful Sunday
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  1. You have — as I’ve mentioned before — an awesome arse; a bodacious booty; a tremendous tush; a scintillating seat; a magnificent maximus. I could go on. I love the picture, always have, but….. I have one teeny-weeny complaint. There are no marks. At least have a smiley face. 🙂

    • Oh I am on alliterative overload lol. Perhaps I can encourage HL to provide me with some lovely marks. Always a fun project to pursue. And thank you for such a positive comment ?

    • Yes I never saw that myself but I guess you see what you want to see. Maybe talking to my bum was a step too far ? Thank you for your comment ?

  2. I always wondered whether your previous avatar was a drawing or modified picture of you. Cool that it was you. But this lovely pic would make a much nicer avatar!! Delicious is simply not enough of a descriptor. But it will have to do!! Everyone else has used all the other good words!!

    • Thank you Michael. I am not sure if I will change it to this version or for something else but as my confidence grows I hope I can find something to represent that ?

  3. Hunnie with an ass and figure like that, I would not hide it away. There is nothing sexier than a Basque on a woman, with or without panties.
    But, you have a stunning bottom.
    I know this was difficult for you so I’m very proud of you taking this step. Xxxxx

  4. This picture makes me want to shout hurrah! Old-skool sexy, it speaks volumes of what is to come, what has happened before. The body on display is perfection, to be envied, please stay out of the shadows now!

  5. There are aspects of corsets that male me a little uncomfortable, most notably the inference of dysmorphia. But they can look awesome at the same time, so I’m pulled in ntwo directiins when I say … fuck me sideways with a North Korean ICBM – that picture us sexy as hell!

  6. After reading everyone else’s comments and spending a while looking at your beautiful shot, I think I can only second what Cara has already said. You look very sexy and your bum looks extremely biteable. x

  7. God I’m getting finger cramps and strained eyesight from scrolling down your acres of comments! What can I possibly add to all these well deserved accolades? Except to say they are well deserved accolades. More please!

  8. I have a real soft spot for women wearing corsets and stockings (And Madam uses that fetish against me on a regular basis) and your outfit frames your bum wonderfully, very nice, very nice in deed.

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