Blame it on the boots

Blame it on the Boots

Blame the BootsI LOVE boots. My friend Emily will joke when I say that I don’t know what to wear. “What about boots?” she will ask. And it is true, I am more often than not in boots, whether they are long or short or high or low, boots are my preferred form of footwear. I have lots of pairs of course and some I have had for a while. Lots are black but some are other colours (red, purple, green) and I really think that you can never have too many pairs. Some are special and those are kept in boxes, all stacked carefully away in my wardrobe. They come out when they are needed as I don’t want to spoil them in the bottom of the cupboard with the other everyday footwear. I have stories for many of them, but some are more significant than others in that they are part of my current journey as a confessed kink lover. Not that I see boots as my kink, more that they have formed part of scenery of the erotic road that we are travelling along.

I had a pair of long thigh boots that I bought not long after I started seeing HisLordship. We were not D/s at that point but were discussing kink and were pushing some boundaries together with regards to play. They were very tall with laces and buckles, a pointed toe and a stiletto heal. I felt amazing in them and usually wore them for him with some stockings and skimpy underwear. I wore them to his house, naked apart from a coat the first time, and after that he kept them there so that I could wear them whenever he chose. I called them my slut boots and I didn’t just feel slutty in them, I felt sexy as hell. Looking back I think that this was the start me feeling comfortable to be open in expressing my love of kink in a more active way and it was certainly something that he encouraged. I have always been submissive in the bedroom but I do think that Dommes get the best clothes and in these boots, I can see that I could harness a different part to my nature and play at a different role, even if only for a short while.

The first time we visited Italy together, we drank too much wine and found ourselves in a lovely leather shop in Montepulciano. Here we bought my first pair of summer boots, beautifully soft, handmade, with leather soles. They felt like they were a significant part of our relationship where we could be indulgent, extravagant and impulsive together in a way which I had not been previously. There was a chemistry that drew me to him and the intensity of the connection that formed led me to throw off my usual doubts and purchase the boots. In fact, he told me to buy them – and despite the cost, I felt free.

Together we were going to explore the things that we had not done before and those boots were symbolic of the excitement, the break from convention and the birth of the new me. The holiday was a turning point in that it marked, officially, the start of our relationship and as I wore the boots with bare legs and shorts, they marked the freedom that I felt and the letting go of the life that had held me back.
Two years later, another Italian holiday, and another pair of boots marked the start of our voyage into D/s. I had tentatively suggested to him a few days into the trip that I thought I was submissive and I had asked him if he was willing to give D/s a go. We already had a shared love of kink, the foundations were there and we talked about how our personalities seemed a natural fit. We had visited another lovely Umbrian town, Orvieto, where a new pair of boots had been bought – this time soft white suede in a cowboy style which I suggested would look good with a bikini. When we got back, I stripped off and put them on. It was from there that I found myself with my wrists lashed together above my head and tied to an oak beam on the ceiling, as he intermittently whipped me with his belt and touched me, alternating between the two. Although still without the technical terminology, I hit subspace, and floated higher and higher in my new white boots.

His Lordship has long since accepted that boots are part of my life and has not held back in allowing me to indulge my love of them. When I found Duo Boots (which became Ted and Muffy for a couple of years) my more special purchases were no longer restricted to holidays in Italy. I am 5″7 with size 7 feet and in the UK that must translate as having a wide calf which often led to me feeling less like a sex siren and more like a farmer in a pair of wellies. So to find somewhere that would custom size the calf width was like a nugget of pure gold for me. I fell in love with the Ted and Muffy Freia boots (pictured above) as soon as I saw them and they seduced their way into my possession. I wore them with a corset and hitched up steampunk skirt when we went to Torture Garden and they made me feel like the kinky, sexy submissive that Sir wants me to be.

I am not sure whether technically this piece qualifies for Kink of the Week as it is more about the part that boots have played in my exploration of a kinky lifestyle than it is about either of us having a fetish for boots. I loved boots before kink but I have enjoyed incorporating them into they way that kink plays out for us. It is more about how they make me feel and what they have come to symbolise than anything that we actually do with them. I suppose they are an outward expression of what I feel on the inside and a way to wear my hidden kink in a bit more of a public way.

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  1. Your post are always worthwhile but this is an excellent bit of writing.
    I prefer boots as well and wear them daily. Yours are quite different in style though so I’m curious. How do you get the cow poop off of them? They look so clean.
    (And he chuckles his way back to regularly scheduled programming.)

    • They are lovely. They have an 8 ball (snooker ball) on them. Not sure I totally feel it in wellies though you do get some cute ones now. I have bad memories of wearing them with loads of socks to school each day through the long winter months, just dreaming of a pair of fur lined ‘ladies’ boots lol

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  3. This post absolutely qualifies for Kink of the Week. Kink of the week is often about subjects that are kink related rather than actual kinks and so your piece is perfect.
    As for those boots, I am in love

    • Thank you so much. It is not something that I would have written about without your prompt but I really enjoyed it once I started and it was fun reading the others and seeing the great photos. 🙂

  4. Have the opposite calf problem to you I drooled when you mentioned the attitude of boot companies, and am hoping you are in UK, as I just might have to go boot shopping when I’m there. I absolutely adore these! (And I loved the white ones -OMG -please let it be soon!)

  5. Those boots are fabulous! I love boots but often struggle because I have calves, not particularly big ones but enough to make boot wearing tricky!

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