Submissive Power

So we were lying there this Sunday morning enjoying a slow start to the day. We had woken up at the usual time and were snuggled up with ipads, catching up on social media. There was no rush so we enjoyed the time that we had but after a while I felt the desire to be closer to HisLordship. I put down my ipad, rolled onto my side and squidged my body into his as firmly as I could. I reached my right arm across him and began to gently stroke and tease his left nipple, just very slightly. I love feeling this sort of closeness. I could enjoy the warmth from his body and even though there were no words, we seemed to be talking.

After a while his cock started to twitch from what I was doing, just now and then. The covers would move slightly, his breathing kind of hitched and he’d make a little clicking sound. Who says a submissive has no power? I love touching him and seeing the way that his body responds. The sounds that he makes are so familiar and I have come to tell what each means in the same way that he does from the way that I respond. When I knew that the time was right for him and he needed more, I moved my hand down. I still touched very lightly and as his cock moved around it came into contact with the tips of my fingers.

As I played with him, the sounds he made changed and had a greater sense of urgency about them. His body began to move so that he could meet my fingers more easily. I began to massage his balls and his breathing deepened. After a time I moved back to his cock and began to stroke the length and tease the tip again. I kept my touch so light that it was hardly there at all and he began to make growling sort of sounds as well as some little moans and gasps. I knew that he was getting to the point where he would want more than I was giving, but I carried on, waiting, circling him with my fingers in the same way that I would with my tongue.

“That’s enough! Arse in the air – I am going to fuck you hard.”
I scrambled quickly onto my knees, bum in the air, arms out in front of me, my face turned to the side and pressed firmly into the mattress. He seemed instantly behind me and he yanked my bum higher. He pushed roughly inside me, grabbing my hair into his fist at the base of my neck. Game over – power reassigned! I guess it is always like this though and this is how the power exchange works. No one person ever really has all the power at any one time and it is more of a dance that you do between you. There is always one person who is ultimately in control of course, and I am not naive enough to think that even on this slow Sunday morning, there was ever really a point where that person was me.

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  1. I can get into trouble for starting to tease my Queen as I’m not supposed to disturb her when she’s trying to sleep but on occasion I risk it. And if everything goes according to Hoyle, she decides she wants more! Like today for us too!! Happy Sunday!

  2. I sense there’s a little cheeky mischievous devil in you, when you know exactly what way you can play to get the end result you want and crave. I like it a lot. Tickling his chest works for me as I slowly work my way down. Glad you had fun. Xxxxxx

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