The theme for HisLordship’s advent gift to me on the 17th, was ‘Christmas Lights’. He bought an electro-play kit a little while ago and we had never had the chance to use it. His idea was to ‘light me up’ for Christmas. body-electric-teaser-3I was pretty excited at the thought of this, although the timing was hard as we had still not had any time away from the kids and they were all at home on this occasion. It is difficult to get the same build up for a scene when you don’t have time together and this is something that I think we need to work on in the new year as our current circumstances seem unlikely to change in the near future, so apart from the occasional hotel break alone, I think we will have at accept that we need to find time and ways to scene when they family are home.

I had my bath as usual and Sir told me to lie on the bed and wait for him. I was nervous but excited to try it out. I know that he had tried initially on himself but I had seen him try his arm and I knew that would probably not be the same intensity when applied to the parts of me that he had suggested he would focus on.  He touched me all over with his hands first of all, as he often does to get me ready and make me ‘his’, and then I heard the buzz and crackle of the machine as it touched my skin. It was sharp but not painful as such, although I think the intensity was set to low.  He moved it across my skin, moving to focus on my nipples and on my clit. The anticipation was probably worse as, set on low, it was more of a tickle than I had expected. He went to turn it up which felt better, but it was really loud. I guess that it didn’t seem to make as much noise when he had tried it on himself during the day in a noisy house but now, at night, with the silence it rang out somewhat too loudly.

I understand also that his idea was about the ‘light’ on this occasion so he wanted me to see but I think that if I had been blindfolded or had my eyes closed it may have allowed me to focus more on the sensation as I was watching and anticipating what would happen so my mind was focussed on the parts that he was about to touch. Generally I enjoyed the sensation but I think that it is a toy that would need to be used as part of a scene when silence was not required. I guess if we used music too that would help but even then, we would need to test out the volume from the room next door.

We have found that it is always good to try things out in a training sort of way before incorporating them fully into a scene as that tends to work better for Sir to have the feedback initially, and, although I think that it was probably not his intention, this is what using it ended up becoming on this occasion. So my recommendations would be to have enough privacy that you can build use up to a higher setting as the scene wears on. I also think that using it as part of a sensation scene where there may be other senses removed (sight etc) might be good so that the focus is on the sensation itself and you can lose yourself slowly into it. I also think that it would work well with other sorts of stimulation so that the ‘pain’ is combined with the ‘pleasure’ in a way which confuses the mind and forces it to let go.

I am really looking forward to Sir playing with this toy again when we can make more of it by having more time and being able to make more noise. If anyone has any tips on how to achieve this with teenagers in the house who never seem to go to sleep, and seem to work shifts which never overlap, then we would be grateful for your tips and advice! Until then the bag for our next overnight stay away grows ever fuller and HisLordship’s list of possible scene options grows ever longer! Interestingly enough they did buy us a hotel voucher for Christmas so I think they are as keen for us to go away as we are to go!


For a post on a noise free ElectraStim kit please see the following post: New Year Fireworks

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  1. *So, what you want to get mom and dad for Christmas?*
    *I don’t know.*
    *A tie and wool socks?*
    *How about a hotel voucher?*
    *Great idea!*
    *Yeah, that way they can… you know… be alone… and stuff…*
    *…. soooooooo, what’s on the telly?*
    *Better turn the sound allllll the way up.*

    • I definitely think it has possibilities. We had used pads before and they didn’t work that well but this was better so we shall see what happens when we make a bit more of it ? I would think that as with anything different sensations work for different people.

  2. I’m very curious to try electro play, I think it would be fun and enjoyable. I’ll have to hint more strongly to MM about it.
    Have you tried a white noise generator? I don’t know if that would be strong enough to mask the sound of the machine or not. My therapist’s office has one in each counseling room.

  3. Reading that you have your Sir there next to you…in any capacity…it’s the best thing in the world. To know His smell and taste and the feel of His hands on you. That sounds like the best gift ever. I loved reading about your experience. Even though you seem to feel somewhat thwarted, I understand; still, the blessing is that you have each other. Hope the new year brings you more blessings.

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