Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights – A Fantasy for Sir

This is my number 14. As Sir is travelling home today, I wanted him to have something to read. I have long since promised to write out one of my fantasies for him. This is one we have talked about at the later stage so I thought that I would set the scene as it is in my head, as it has not been something that I have expanded on for him much before. So here goes for my Arabian Nights fantasy.

* * * * * * * * *

She is excited about being with Him again. Excited but nervous. She has to be perfect. Perfect for Him. She can still remember the last time and the thought makes her skin burn for Him. It was all so perfect. So beautiful. His slave girl. It is what she has longed for and lived for; it is what she is. At just the right time, the door opens and they come to take her through. She knows from the last time that the preparation will take a long time but it is part of the process and it cannot be any other way.

The first time she was with Him she had not really understood and she had tried to prepare herself. How laughable. How embarrassingly off the mark she was. It was humiliating in a way, the lengths to which they had prodded and poked and shaped and moulded and polished her and undid her previous work, until she really was fit for a King. There was no way that she could ever reach that standard herself which I suppose was why His team was there. Trained to know exactly what He wanted, they were able to achieve the impossible. She doubted that He even knew what an unprepared girl was – she was sure that He would be horrified to learn the truth and she would have been mortified if they had actually let Him see her as she was.

She let them lead her, almost dreamily, into the world where she would lose herself completely. This was her ideal. She longed for it. She needed it. Time already seemed to alter and shift before her and she let herself slip into the pattern it made, as it danced around her, chasing away the memories of her other life and erasing her other self. Strange that she became so much His before He had even laid His eyes, never mind His hands on her, although in a way He had and was. This was all Him, all His. They all belonged and were owned in their own little way. Unlike her, there was no filigree collar to denote their role, but the anklets that twinkled as they walked told the story of their service to Him.

His likeness of beauty was evident all around her from the diamonds cut into the marble floor she walked on, to the high-grade translucent silk that flowed casually from their bodies, His desire for the right look, the right feel, was clear. As they arrived at the room the fragrant aroma of the balms and perfumes hit her instantly, carrying her back to the previous occasions. They led her to the huge cushions and pillows in the centre of the room and motioned to her to disrobe and lay down. She did so quickly, her body tingling, prickling and awakening to the eyes that looked her over. It had begun.

It was much the same procedure as the last time as they prepared her body for Him. There was no point trying to hold on to her dignity or sense of self. She would have no need for that and it would be better this way. She was not sure that she could do what she was about to with her self intact anyway, and she knew that this was what she wanted. It was what she was and what she longed to be again. Little by little she felt herself let go to their touch. She became only sensation as their fingers stroked and groomed her, moving quickly but lightly over her body as they readied it.

First of all she was bathed and all hair removed so that she was as soft as the satin she lay upon. Then, the oils that would provide the correct smell for Him, were massaged into her skin, leaving no crevice or crease unexplored. Wherever He took her, however He took her, He would want to find her body pleasing to him in every way and they knew as well as she did that failure to do this would not go well for anyone. He was a fair man, but was particular in his tastes and meticulous in making sure His every desire was met to His satisfaction. The world would know, were there a hair which had been missed or a smell which wrinkled his nose, and so they worked on until her skin sang of the journey that it would be taken on.

It was as well she was utterly relaxed for the adornment part of the proceedings. Her inner parts were also to be scented and the fire brought by that, combined with the care she had received so far and coupled with the thought of what was to come, had her moist enough, meaning that there would be no insult or offence to him when He came for her. She knew better than to let recognition flicker across her face when the bejewelled chains were attached to her nipples and then to her labia. She was then moved, and her cheeks parted, so that enough of the cool gel could be worked inside her to make His entrance as easy as it should be for one of His position. She remained motionless as the gold plug was inserted, and another chain connected from that up to the hook at the back of her collar.

She was raised to her feet gently and she jangled as they moved her onto the turntable in the corner of the room. She revolved so slowly as to not really be moving at all and as she did so felt the light mist of the gold and silver spray fall and settle on her skin. She felt the heaviness of the plug inside her as she walked and the cool movement of the chains which tugged lightly on the parts that He wanted marked as His as she followed them slowly into the ante-room. She could hear the music now, and as she got closer felt her whole body start to throb and ache. There was a low platform at one edge of the room and she knew that she was to stand and wait there until He came for her.

* * * * * * * *

On a less serious note, for those following our D/s calendar, Sir’s gift for the 13th really was a scream. He uploaded a video of himself lip-syncing to, ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ which had me in stitches, especially as he looked so serious and tried to act like nothing had happened when he got the words wrong.  He really did put himself out there with that one. The real present for the 14th will surely be him being home with me again and I cannot wait to be back in his arms, although I am glad that he is not actually driving home as the journey back is long enough by air!

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