Italian Escapades

Italian Escapades and a Private Dance – 11 & 12

I worry that after my meltdown the other day, HisLordship has tried to make his tasks easy on me. For the 11th I received a link to some piano music and Sir wanted me to play it and think about the time we have spent together in Italy. He wanted me to look at pictures of it too. We LOVE Italy. Everything about it makes it a favourite for us and we have been there quite a bit. We have taken the family, and had some great family holidays, but have also had some amazing trips where it has just been the two of us and we could enjoy each other, the food, the wine, the culture and the romance. It would be hard to choose a favourite town or city as they are so varied from the narrow winding streets of the Tuscan hilltop towns to the hustle, bustle and sites of cities such as Rome, but we really have had some amazing Italian escapades there together.

It was also in a little villa in Italy that I first suggested the idea of a D/s relationship to Sir. Earlier that day I had bought yet another pair of Italian leather boots and was modelling them, wearing very little else. In fact, most off our holidays seem to involve me wearing very little for much of the time. He bound my wrists together and fixed them firmly to an old oak beam above my head and intermittently whipped me with his belt whilst touching me. I can remember swaying as I drifted in and out of my ecstasy so I knew that the kink part of it would be something that we could do. Italy brings out my heat and my passion. I am horny all the time when I am there and cannot wait until we can return – preferably just the two of us.

My gift to Sir for today was something that really pushed my boundaries. I know how much he likes to have pictures of me and I have sent some that really make me blush when I think about the content, and he has managed to get over my self-consciousness at doing that. Last year as one of his gifts I danced for him; he has always enjoyed watching me dance but this was more of a private dancer moment. I have done this probably a handful of times as I have to be in the right mood and feeling sexy and confident for it, but I decided to push myself to make him a video that he could watch while he was away.

I used the song that I danced to the first time I treated him to a performance for one and set my ipad up so that it was on the chair where I would want him to be sat. I changed into some sexy underwear and tried to work out how to hit play on the sonos at the same time as pressing play on the video when they were both at opposite sides of the room.  There would be no option to ask my son to edit this one, convert the format and add the music so I was on my own with the technical stuff. It helped that the music was blaring as I can get lost in dancing to music quite quickly. It also helped that I have danced for Sir before and could get myself into that place where I could feel him watching me and responding.
In the end I felt quite exhilarated by the experience and although I struggled to send a file that was so huge and had to load it up to the icloud to share – eek I hope that never ends up in the wrong hands – his reaction made it all well worth while. I realise how far he has brought me in accepting myself and accepting that he wants me and finds me sexy and so many things D/s there is so often a gift within the gift. I am definitely counting down the days now until we are back together again but these little things are certainly making it a wee bit easier.

I have also chosen the picture above not just because it seems appropriate to the content but because Jack Vettriano is one of Sir’s favourite artists so I hope that he sees it and feels another connection to me when he reads this post.


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