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No 3 leads No 4 – underwear

Sir’s instructions for the 3rd were to do with my underwear and they were sent by message that morning:

Santa’s Sack of Goodies (Part 1).  Before your bedtime today I want you to review all of your underwear. On the bed I want you to arrange the top 5 sets or singles of underwear you wear that you feel sexy in. Either because you like them or you think I like them which makes you feel sexy. I also want pictures of them on the bed displayed together in order of preference to you. I do this because I want to know what goes on in your head and your knickers.

Initially I wasn’t sure how I would find the task but actually it was quite fun – and proved to me that I am in need of MORE sexy underwear. I don’t think a girl can have enough. I looked through the things in my small drawer and made my selection. Next I arranged them on the bed and took a picture of the collection. Then I sent an individual picture of each with an explanation underneath.

No 1 is the only thing I have which I think is really sexy. It reminds me of last year’s advent calendar and of dressing up for Sir. It is a fringed bra and knicker set that I bought in Amsterdam and I wore it when I danced for him. When I wear it I feel confident that he will desire me.

No 2 is a pair of knickers with a heart cut out of the bum. I like them because they are cheeky. Sir has pictures of me in them cleaning the shower. I feel sexy in them because they show my bum and he likes that so I feel naughty, sexy and cheeky all rolled in to one.

No 3 is a pair of red lace shorts. I wear these as His Naughty Elf. Elf is my most naughty side and I feel good when I wear these. I feel like I can do anything and be anything. I usually wear them with a tight green top so that my nipples pop through and a pair of striped stockings and I am good to go.

No 4 is a set of royal blue bra and string knickers. I like wearing them. I get a surprise when I go to the bathroom and remember that I have them on and they make me feel a bit sexier than usual. I know that Sir loves the colour on me and the feel of the silk and that makes me feel sexy.

No 5, last but not least, is a pair of black string knickers and matching bra. These are my everyday knickers and I have two versions; one is lace and the other is smooth with a lace trim. I chose the ones with the smooth part because Sir always touches it when he sees me in them and that makes me feel sexy. I don’t think it is a sexy outfit but it feels good as I know that I have no lines and it fits well so it means that I can feel sexier in my clothes.

HisLordship seemed really pleased with my choice, my explanation, my pictures (and hopefully my hint for some super sexy underwear). I had already made a note of what I thought I would do for him for today but his request made me change my mind. Of course his role is to lead and mine is to follow and I say all the time that we spark off each other so it made sense that I changed what I had planned to incorporate his ideas. So last night, armed with my ipad and some poor lighting I set about taking some pictures for him where I was posed in the underwear above.

Selfies at night will never make for the most professional pictures but I know that he has seen enough of the real me to use them as food for thought. I tried to adopt some cheeky and funny poses in them so that he would enjoy looking at my expression and imagining the fun that we have together. I also added a little naked Bertie Bonus at the end which  is, after all, always his favourite outfit!
Sir’s comment:

What a lovely 4th December gift! Certainly enough to keep me company at night. Love the Bertie! The B&W is quite dirty!

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  1. I love reading your blog and the way you keep your D/s dynamic flowing. You both show quite well how it takes thought and effort to maintain it while also making it seam effortless!
    I mostly only have matching sets as MrH prefers them but I’ve had to create a few sets as my strapless bras don’t come with a matching brief. I always feel better when I am in underwear that I know MrH likes.

    • Thank you sweet. It has taken practice and sometimes we are not as good as at others. This time has worked really well having the advent focus so perhaps taking day about with a Dominant or submissive act is something we will adopt for future trips. This is the longest that we have done since living together so it is a bit of a test but I am really please with how it is making me feel.

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