2017 D/s Advent Caldendar - naked number 2

A fun No.1 and a naked No.2 – D/s Advent 2017

This morning HisLordship left to work overseas again and he won’t be back until the 15th December. We have had a bit of a run of him working away and have tried to do things to keep the close connection we have between us. It has been a challenge though as he has had to work very long hours, be focussed on the client and I have been up to my eyes at work and managing things at home on my own. We had decided to mark advent this year with gifts of Dominance and submission as part of a 2017 D/s Advent Calendar for each other; we thought that would be a good way to get start the countdown to Christmas but also keep close while he was away. I had done a submissive advent calendar last year, but this year Sir had said that he wanted us to take it day about to do something for one another which would show our Dominance or submission.

As the leader, Sir went first and I was treated to a lovely sensory scene last night. He restrained me by my hands in wrist cuffs attached to the bed and ordered me to close my eyes. He then trailed a silk scarf across my body. I love the feel of the scarf as it creates a sort of static as it moves and so the effect seems to last long after it has moved to another part. It sets my whole body on alert as it tingles and anticipates the touch. Knowing that my senses were heightened, he followed by switching to a cold wartenberg wheel which he moved gently across my body. Sometimes it will seem to cut across me but this time it seemed to travel smoothly, as he moved it lightly, pressing more heavily at points and then back to softer again.

He began to tweak, pull and stretch my nipples and was talking to me in a whisper. By the time he squeezed cold lube onto me I was relaxed but aching for him. He used a cold glass dildo to tease my clit and then pushed it between my cheeks, pressing as he stroked my clit and I opened for him. He pushed in the plug and began to lick and suck me. I was already drifting as he teased and played with me and drew me further and further in. When I felt the wand press against me I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold back for long and thankfully he encouraged me to let go and give into it. The orgasm washed over me and he drew out the aftershocks for some time before moving and pulling me into his arms.

I wanted to be closer so shuffled down so that I could suck him which led, after a while, to him rolling me off and climbing on top of me. He was rougher as he took his own pleasure, eventually forcing me onto my hands and knees so that he could be even deeper inside me. I came again as he did and we kissed for a bit before falling asleep as he spooned me as always.  As Sir was due to leave for the airport early, he woke at 4am to go for a shower. I climbed on top of the duvet and positioned myself carefully, tweaking things slightly as I tried to picture how I would look for him. It was chilly out of the covers but I was still sleepy and I managed to hold my position until he had finished washing and came back into the bedroom.

He went across to the dresser and made a noise of surprise as he turned and saw me lying there fashioned into a somewhat unusual position. “I am a naked number two,” I said. “Do you like me?”.  He replied with a laugh that he liked me very much and ran his hands over my body before giving me a gentle slap and telling me to get back under the covers where it was warm.  I did as I was told and watched him get ready to leave.  It would have been nice if there had been time for him to take full advantage of his naked number two, but I guess the fact that he laughed and saw the fun in his gift is probably as great a connector for us as a hurried physical entangle.


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  1. Thank you for sharing Missy. Sounds like a wonderful scene. I don’t know about you but I love it when I can do things that make my Sir laugh… I gave MrH some socks with Ironman logo on it for him to wear with his suit yesterday and when I presented them to him he laughed.. it made my heart sing. I know you’re going to feel his absence but I have no doubt you will manage to remain connected, in the mean time the SWC members will keep you company ?

      • I think it’s important to laugh together when you can ….. I told MrH I was his no2 and he said no I was his no1 – I said no you’re no1 …. he replied ‘I’m the commander, the captain, you’re the first mate – so like on star trek next generation, Picard was captain and his first officer (the second in command) was often called ‘no1 ?

    • Thank you Michael. I think I will start to focus on the homecoming more during the second week. I always love the feeling of getting ready for him when he has been away ?

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