submissive advent update

Submissive Advent Update

Submissive Advent Calendar update for 2017.

Last year I decided to make a submissive advent calendar for HisLordship. This came out of the fact that we had decided not to do much in the way of presents for each other so I thought that giving something small to Sir each day would be a nice way to build up to Christmas and make a little more of it for him.  In addition I had been so busy that I had not been able to be as active with my submission as I would like, and I thought that it would help to kick start the festive period and get my head back right where I want it to be. I posted my submissive gift to Sir at the beginning of each day so that it would be like opening the window on an advent calendar for him.  I recognised the year had been tough on us both and it was my way of showing him that I think of him and want to submit to him each and every day, and that I really appreciate all that he does for me.

I have to say that this year has been no easier. In fact, in many ways it has probably thrown more challenges at us, but here we are. We have decided this year that we will stick with the theme of doing things for one another but HisLordship has said that he would like to do things for me as well so we have agreed to do it day about. I suppose really it will be a D/s advent calendar this year but I don’t plan to post each one on my blog this time.  I know that last year I didn’t really write about what we did with each and how it went so I may link it more of that instead. To complicate things further, Sir is away for half the month working so we will be apart which will affect the things that we can do. I am feeling positive though and think that this will be a great way to keep connected for when he returns; of course, I will let you know.


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  1. I think the idea of your Advent calendar is a wonderful one, missy. Sometimes, especially when the issue of being apart comes into play, it’s the little things that mean more than any grand gesture. It’s absolutely lovely that His Lordship wishes to do something for you, too. I hope it works out really well for you both.

    • Thanks HH. I am looking forward to it now that it is getting closer and I am excited about the gifts of Dominance too. He has my mind wandering. ?

  2. It was a wonderful, unique way to show your love. I hope you find ways to outdo yourself. Never forget though that have already given each other the gift of love and it’s opened daily.

    • Thank you C. I don’t think I will out do myself really as last year took a lot. I wanted to give Sir the gift of my submission in a small way each day but one which went beyond the things that we would usually do. I am also looking forward to seeing what he does too so there is a bit of anticipation which is good. The idea is still on gifts which are thoughtful acts rather than material things. ?

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