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It turns out that yesterday I hit my 200 Posts milestone here on WordPress.  I was quite surprised as I never would have considered myself a writer and would not have expected to have written so much.  When I started out I really just wanted to be able to share my journey with others in the hope that someone else might relate to it and it might be of some help, and also to connect with people online who I could learn from.  That has happened in a much bigger way than I anticipated and I really have gained hugely from writing here.

Reflecting on my relationship with HisLordship is something that has become a large part of my submission and it has certainly helped me to keep my submissive mindset. It has allowed me to look at where we are and to think out loud about it on a level that I may not have done otherwise. The feedback, encouragement and suggestions that I have had from other readers has also helped with my personal growth and that is something that I am really grateful for. In addition, it has given me the confidence to comment on what others have written, so I have been able to learn from that too.

I had already been in a D/s relationship for some time before beginning my blog, but nonetheless it is great to be able to have a record of my journey and it is something that I do look back at. I think that so often when you are in the middle of something you can become so caught up that you don’t always see the obvious and to have a record of where you have been, can help you to avoid making the same mistakes over again. Sometimes I read what I have written and think that it is good advice and really I should take it so it has a practical purpose for me too.

I would always have said that HL and I communicated well and that I was clear with him about what I thought and how I felt, but writing here has shown me that this was not actually the case.  The time and thought that goes into a post means that the subject matter is covered in much more detail than it would be were I to try to explain and share it with him face to face, so that has been another advantage to being here. I have realised that some of the things I have kept to myself in the past or not been able to articulate well in real-time have come over more easily as a written piece and we have both enjoyed and benefited from that aspect of it.

Ultimately, when I started ‘submissy’ I had no real idea or expectation of where it would go. Encouraged by my friend ToraPrincess, who herself had set up a WordPress blog sometime earlier, I decided to give it a go. I had used blogs and wikis before for work and HL and I also had a couple of private ones over the years, but writing publicly was new to me. I didn’t really expect anyone to read or follow me but was delighted when that happened as it gave me a real boost. I have been able to achieve my original goal of sharing with and learning from others due to that and it has actually been so much more successful than I ever dreamt it would be.

So to those of you who follow me and read my blog I would like to say a huge thank you. Through you feedback and your comments, you have definitely aided my learning process and have encouraged me to think about things more deeply, or even in a different way altogether. For someone who felt a bit isolated because of the way they were and had experienced some rejection of their ideas, it has been a huge thing to have those feelings and ideas validated and accepted. And in addition I feel that I have made some friends with people who are like-minded and who offer understanding and support when that is required.

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  1. Congrats Missy on your 200 and many more to write ♥. I as a submissive have gained insight and learnt from reading other submissive blogs, so thank you for sharing. I also know that writing on my blog or in my word doc.helps me as a submissive to release stress and help me see things more clearly. It also helps me stay in a positive mindset when I need it most.

    • Oh wow. That is such a nice thing to say and I am flattered. It means a lot to me and I appreciate you being there to encourage and support me. Thank you ?

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