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Story of the O – #7 Multiple Orgasms (Ripple Orgasms)

It was last November that I wrote about Blended Orgasms as part of the series of Story of the O posts that I had begun that September.  At the time I felt that post was the last one and that I had pretty much covered the various types of orgasms that you could have. Well this D/s lifestyle of ours has pretty much given me more than I anticipated at every step so far, so why would orgasms be any different? Cue an impromptu Sunday afternoon without kids, and bang – I experience something new! Arising from a spanking scene which, although as delicious as ever, was not something new in itself, I was actually left a bit stunned about what had taken place. Having consulted with the knowledgeable subs at The SafeworD/s Club and compared notes, I am now confident that what I experienced yesterday falls into the multiple orgasms category.

Regardless of having done my own poll by talking with others, I wanted to find something more scientific to support this post, but as with most things orgasmic, the detail seems to be less based on pure fact than on the experience and interpretation of the individual.  Some say that multiple orgasms are having more than one orgasm during that particular encounter, and others say that it is having more than one with no more than two minutes between each. For me, I would say that the former definition does not really take into account much of the BDSM type play where there can be long and drawn out periods where the Dom pleasures his sub, with the intention of bringing her to orgasm more than once.
This was not just more than one orgasm. In fact it felt more like one very long orgasm. During a scene, Sir will sometimes Force Orgasms from me. This will mean that I will have more than one but each one will have the build up to a climax which will be reached, then he will continue to stimulate me more gently for a short period, building up to the climax once again. During this time I experience the rise and fall as things heighten to the point where I crash over, dip and then start over again. Clearly I have no control over this and will beg for mercy as it feels like I cannot continue and need to be left to recover. More details of this can be found on that post, but I mention it here to stand as a comparison to what I experienced yesterday.

HisLordship had been spanking me for a short while and I admit that I was very turned on by it. I was over his knee which is always my favourite spanking position due to the close skin to skin contact that it allows.  I hadn’t had a hand spanking for some times as it is generally too noisy for when there are others in the house, so it has become a treat reserved for our times alone. Just the feeling of his hand on my bottom as it heated up was very arousing and erotic. After a while he added the wand which he placed under me. With each spank I pushed into it and very soon was writhing away on top of it. He noticed that I was near to orgasm and commented that it wasn’t far away.  He says that the skin on my bum begins to goosebump and sometimes I will come out in a light sweat.

From my side it felt amazing.  I reached the point where I felt I would come and the feeling that I was about to explode was there. Usually following this I will sort of tip over the other side, but this time I just stayed there on the crest of the wave.  I felt that I was tipping forwards, then leaning back by just the smallest amount. I was in that period of heightened ecstasy and had lost complete control of the noises and movements I was making. Rather than begging Sir to stop I hoped and prayed in my delirium, that he never would.  He asked a couple of times if I wanted him to continue and I managed to get across in a breathy voice that I wanted him to keep going and that I needed more.

He continued with the spanking and the buzzing as I continued to contract and spasm, squirming around on his knee to keep the feeling going.  Where following a forced orgasm, the continued stimulation feels almost painful until you adjust to it again, this was all pleasure. I hung there in that state for quite a long time (maybe 20 – 30 minutes?) having what he thought was orgasm after orgasm and what I felt was more like one great long never ending one, like nothing I had ever experienced before. Afterwards I lay there exhausted; my whole body was on fire and I felt like I was literally throbbing. It took a long time to come down and I was shaky and sub-spacey for some time afterwards.
Whether this fits the definition for everyone or not, for me this was a multiple orgasm and not like any other I have had.  As I said at the start, the submissives I spoke to in the chat room said that some of them had experienced something similar so I felt it was worthy of becoming a belated part of my orgasm posts. I am pretty sure that this one will now complete the set, but I did think that once before, so who knows! Having checked my blog stats I can also see that next to my Home Page, About Me and D/s for Married Couples, Forced Orgasms is the post with the most views so far, so Story of the O is clearly a topic of interest!

Update: inthe comments on this post Collared Michael  actually termed what I have describes as a ‘ripple orgasm’ and I have since heard it referred to as that by others too.

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  1. My Queen has orgasms multiple times in a lovemaking session, but also has multiple orgasms sometimes. These are orgasms that go on for some time (much as you describe)! However I don’t think she’s ever gone 30 minutes. That’s a very long time. Glad you experienced this!

    • It may have been less – I am not clear on the time. I asked Sir and he thought it was somewhere between 20 and 30 but that was sort of working back from the length of the play session. Suffice to say that neither of us was checking the clock and losing concept of time is part of being in that space for me so I may be mistaken on that. ?

  2. oh dearest one – there are still more to discover – He plays your body well – There is no such thing – i am positive – as a full set – as your body will find other places that were long forgotten or yet to be discovered .

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