Sunday morning

Sunday Morning

It was Sunday morning. As they lay there in bed having a lazy start he played with her a little.

“Come on. Time to get up,” he said pulling his hand away.
She nestled into him for a bit and then rolled over and pulled the covers around her while he got out of bed and grabbed a T shirt and shorts.
“I thought you would have just fucked me to start the day off,” she commented quietly into the covers.

“What did you say?”
“Nothing, Sir!”

He could hear the smile in her voice so he jumped back onto the bed, leaned over her and moved her hair out of the way so that he could see her face.
“Right then – on your hands and knees now,” he growled at her.

She quickly did as he said and still with a shy smirk, mumbled that she wasn’t ready so she didn’t think he would find it easy.  He slapped her arse hard and told her not to be cheeky and said that he thought he would manage just fine.

“Get your head right down!”  “Lower!” he barked, pushing her back firmly with his hand so that her upper body was flat to the bed, her face was squashed into the mattress and her bum was high in the air.  He shoved into her forcefully.
“Feels fine to me!” he said.

Her body ached with the pressure of the position but the awkwardness of it only heightened things.  He moved roughly, not caring about his weight on her, the force of his body or the depth of his strokes.  She loved the way he used her and how that made her feel. She decided to keep the game going a bit longer.

“Ohhhhh. My body has betrayed me,” she moaned.
“It is your mouth that betrays you!” he replied quickly, and he slapped her hard on the bum a few more times.

She wondered how long she could keep this up as her muscles were burning with holding the position by now and she moved a little.
“Keep still,” he barked at her. And then, “Oh my God you are soaking. It is just dripping out of you. Which gives me an idea.”

She felt his finger as he covered it in the moisture from her and she knew where it was going. He pushed it firmly into her arsehole and she did a sort of half gasp, half squeak. He continued to play with her for a bit and then began to fuck her hard again until finally, he exploded inside her.  She remained like that until he moved off her and then she collapsed onto the bed, pulling her knees up towards her to stretch her back out.

“Breakfast?” he asked smiling.

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