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I posted about The Howler in my post Pleasure from Pain. Looking back I see that was written on the 24th May which seems quite some time ago now. We had a quick try of The Howler once it had been assembled, you may remember that the rubber was a gift from Sir’s friend in Norway, and he had added his own wooden ‘shaft’ so that it could be used more easily.  Unfortunately though, we had not had the peace and quiet required in order to road test it properly. I suppose we should be proud that as parents, we have raised a brood who seem to want to be here even when they are not meant to be here, but it can make planning for impact play more of a challenge.

However, yesterday was a rare opportunity when nobody was at home apart from us. Sir had planned a scene which I think was part of his new move to support my request to push my boundaries further. There was less familiarity for me and a change to the usual order of things. I had been instructed to remove my clothes in the hall and wait, naked, on the piano stool (this is something that would have been a challenge for me in the past and definitely been met with hesitation). Having been fixed into play collar and cuffs, I was then told to sit naked in the garden and wait for my next set of instructions (this is something that would have been unheard of in the past and I would have been trying to wriggle out of it with every last piece of will I had).

But it is funny how you change and grow.  Sitting naked in the garden would have pushed my limits previously but this time all I could think was what would I say if one of the boys came over the back wall. They tend to use that as a quicker entrance to our home and the day before they were due to leave for holiday, with a washing line full of their clothes drying, this was a very real possibility. My concern however, was how I would explain the collar and cuffs, not the fact that I was naked and in the garden at 3pm in the afternoon. So I have made progress but I realise there is still room for growth.

Perhaps pushing my boundaries was the theme of the scene, so I should not have been surprised that HisLordship chose this occasion to christen his new toy. I had been thoroughly prepared by a rigorous hand spanking and a fairly good bluster with his cane prior to the introduction of this new creature, so I was already well and truly warmed up. I was wearing an eye mask and although he asked me if I could guess what it was as he first struck me, I really had not remembered about it. It was a little time in when I could not place an instrument with that sort of force that it dawned on me and I realised what it was.

It was a lethal tool, but I actually really liked it. It had the thud and the spread of a hand but with a much heavier and thuddier feel. It warmed my cheeks and spread the pain in a way that I really enjoy. I like the rhythm of the cane but am not so fond of the snappy sting that it leaves, particularly where the tip catches. The main advantage of the cane is that it is quiet and can be used with the kids in the house, but I prefer the feel of a good hand spanking any day.  And The Howler was like a more intense version of that. It spread itself across a wide span so the pain wasn’t focussed and sharp but forced your body to absorb it. It had a pleasing sound that really felt like it would draw a crowd if you were playing out and about.

I have mentioned the force and am sure that if you were to watch it you would see the flesh ripple as it took the impact; I could actually feel that happening from my side, so it is probably a good all round multi-sensory tool. There was a rhythm to the way that Sir was using it and I think that it would not take long before I slowly drifted away, lost to the various sensations that it caused. All in all I would say that it was satisfying in a number of ways. The speed and velocity can be easily controlled and therefore it can be used to build up and slow down as and when required. The slapping motion that Sir used meant that he did not have to work too hard himself to get a good level of play from it. And it was designed to cover a wide area so it didn’t require a particular aim or position to get the best from it.

I think it would be fair if I was marketing The Howler to describe it as a bit of a bad boy which packs a mean punch, but it is also an easily controlled and versatile tool to use, so you can tailor it to suit your needs. So ultimately, despite the fear I had in anticipating it, I loved The Howler and am looking forward to using it some more. I was left with a nice buzz about my cheeks and that feeling of sitting on a heated car seat later on. Quiet it is not but with a bit of spare time and an empty house then I don’t think it would take me long to start to float away – that is a hint if anyone is reading who might be able to make this happen!

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  1. “My concern however, was how I would explain the collar and cuffs, not the fact that I was naked and in the garden at 3pm in the afternoon.”
    I simply love the way your mind works.
    “Actually boys, it was such lovely day I threw my own clothes in the wash and decided to wear a little bit of jewelry instead. Fresh lemonade is in fridge, cookies in the oven.”
    The Howler looks like a wonderful implement, glad the time was [finally] created to break in what will likely now be your favorite. This would be great attached to a spanking machine! That way His Lordship spares his arm and wrist—can’t have that being sprained.

    • A spanking machine lol. How useful. Yes it was a worry what to tell them. All I could think was that their dad told me to wear the collar and cuffs. Clearly getting in the right mindset there ?

  2. So happy for you! I love revisiting old boundaries and finding them comfortable playgrounds. I may be speaking only for myself, but when I see Beth going through those same emotions I get just as big a charge out of it as her Dom.

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