When I was young, my school reports used to label me as a chatterbox.  I do think that I like to talk, and even my blog has been a way of doing that.  In real life I think that I probably talk too much and possibly share too much but I like people and am interested in them and I believe that relationships and friendships are forged out of the willingness to give a little of yourself.  It is for this reason that I really appreciate all those of you who follow my blog and take time to engage with me via your comments. 
I have learnt a lot about D/s from other people via the experiences they choose to share on their blogs and have also formed some friendships through the back and forth dialogue which has then sometimes developed to the swapping of details. I feel very fortunate to have a good core of online friends who I can chat things through with, ask advice of and share experiences with. I think that not being able to confide in vanilla friends about some of the things that matter to me make these friendships even more important.  There is also an acceptance of difference and a lack of judgement from my online friends that I have found most reassuring.
It is important to me to be able to be honest and tell the whole story to someone who seems to understand what I am talking about, and although HisLordship and I do that all the time with one another, it is always good to have another perspective.  Because we value what we have gained personally through interacting with others, we wanted to try to extend that a bit. Becoming part of our local kink community is not something that we want to do right now as we are happy with the way that an online presence works for us. In light of that we have decided to embark on a new project together which will allow us, and others who are interested, to chat to each other and share thoughts and experiences on topics associated with D/s.
We plan to host a site which will provide several chat rooms for this purpose.  The site will have a link to each of our blogs but will be purely there for chat.  If people wish to read my blog that is great but I have never pretended that I have all the answers so the site will be a place to meet and share a variety of resources and materials with others who are interested. It will be aimed at Dominant and submissive couples; that is not to say that you have to join in pairs but more that it is somewhere to talk about ideas, ask questions and make friends, rather than being a dating site.
We aim to have submissive only and Dominant only chats and also have topic chats where can talk together about relevant subjects.  Clearly there are lots of kinks and dynamics out there and our experience is limited so we are hoping that others will come on board and offer to become involved. In the same way that our D/s knowledge is limited to our own experience, so is our IT knowledge, so this is more of a friendly safe place to share, than an all singing all dancing enterprise. There will be no cost for membership and so, we have tried to keep our own costs down so no fancy developers have been involved. However our intentions and motives are genuine, and we hope that people will take us as they find us. Any community is about it’s members and while it is always nice to enjoy all the trimmings, we have always been about the basics being right.
We want to create a space which is welcoming, inclusive and free from bullying and those seeking to exploit others so there are some rules which we will ask people to observe, but apart from that it is not intended to be about us or what we think. We hope to get things off the ground really soon so will post the details shortly; we would be really pleased if you would come along and support us by having a look and letting us know what you think. I am aware that for some of you, on-line chat is not your thing and I respect that and intend to keep the blog the the site pretty separate. I will continue to post here about my journey and will enjoy reading and learning from the blogs of others. Hopefully having the facility to chat to others will allow me to grow and learn in the same way that having my blog has done.

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  1. I would never think you were a chatterbox!
    I think it’s a great idea! Most chats/online communities are in eastern and neighbouring time zones so all the europeans get left out so now they can get to come to most if not all chats.

    • Thanks Emily. Hopefully we can have some that suits both times as I know a lot of people who read my blog are from other parts of the world.

  2. Like the idea missy. Placed in a GTM time zone myself chats planed for one makes it posible to partisipate. Really looking forward to it ?

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