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il_340x270.595868837_gyodA journey always allows time for reflection and the way home from a nice few days break was no exception to this.  I am not sure why, but a flight out of Heathrow always includes a long period waiting for takeoff. With a window seat you become quite aware of your place in the queue and have a good vantage point to watch all the other aircraft beginning their ascent. It seems that little happens for a while and then, with a massive expense of energy, the plane moves gathering energy, and is quickly airborne. This always gives me a real sense of being small in comparison to the world but also reminds me of the potential for something amazing to happen. I am not scientific in any way and the whole experience of flight, whilst a regularly commonplace occurrence, always seems a bit unbelievable at the same time. As we burst through the cloud line to sit above it, it made me think of the way I see our relationship. 
Life inevitably involves a lot of moving around, mostly at ground level, dealing with the basics of everyday events. While it is good to be part of something amazing and a little beyond this world, that is not sustainable all of the time.  I believe in the importance of putting the extra effort in though. Today is a sunny day and the flight to Aberdeen takes just over an hour so doesn’t involve a journey at vast heights. This means that although we are above the clouds, I can see through them to the countryside below. I am aware of life moving down there but we are travelling much more quickly and can view the world from a different vantage point, which is sort of how I feel about what happens with us. What we have is not unattainable yet sometimes it is hard to believe it is possible. It is not sustainable to continuously expend the level of energy and effort required to keep you moving at that pace and height permanently, but those periods when you do will be enough enough to carry you through your everyday life with the feeling of being a little above the clouds.
Sometimes this feeling seems huge and overwhelming, but other times it is just about a quiet journey through life with the knowledge that you will be on top of the world again soon, and for me that is enough. I sometimes feel that what I write is not truly representative of the actual lifestyle because while I do acknowledge that there are bumps and hurdles along the way, I know I tend to focus on what we do that is right. It isn’t that we don’t do anything wrong, and I have acknowledged some of my mistakes with regards to that. I guess it is more a case that sometimes we don’t do it as much as we could, and by that I mean engage actively in the Domination and submission. However, it is good to know that even though it may be running a little more slowly at times, it is always there in the background and if the foundations are there then it can be easily stepped up. I really believe that a dynamic should be able to fit your lifestyle and relationship and grow and adapt with it and you, rather than the the other way around.
Life involves choice and some of that is about how you choose to perceive things. I choose to see the positives and to focus on them as that feeds positivity as an outlook and that is how I want to be. Of course, things happen along the way that mean it is not always easy or straightforward, and no dynamic can ever change the reality of difficult circumstances, but it can change the thought process that you have with regards to it. I do not pretend that I am living some sort of fairy-tale; what we have is perfectly attainable and achievable because it is real. What we do have to do is make sure that we never lose sight of the the ground below us as well as that world in the sky above us. The solid land beneath us keeps us grounded and focussed on what really matters, but we also need to make sure that we put in the effort to keep ourselves up there now and then in a world that is strange and new and different and beyond what is everyday for us. I always joke that my life is tiny as what is important to me it is very containable, but I am aware that really the world is huge and only partially experienced so far which, when related to my relationship, is a pretty exciting thing.

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  1. I like your thoughts on ups and downs in our lifes and ligestyle.
    Can’t fly high continously all though at time one could desire nothing else.
    Great post missy

  2. Heathrow is a very busy, too small airport. The additional runways have been tied up in court for decades. The extra capacity is no longer there unless technology shortens the intervals between planes.

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