Taking a Trip

tripGoing away with HisLordship always makes me feel close to him. Today we set off for a few days away to visit his parents. Unfortunately this was not a full on holiday in the sun (if only) but rather a quick trip to the other end of the country, so it has only involved a short flight and a rise in temperature at the other end of about 4 degrees but it is still nice to be away together and doing something different. I suppose that being out of your usual environment means that you see each other in a slightly different way. Also, because everything is a little more formal you seem to behave very clearly as a couple or a family. And I don’t know what it is, but somehow the holiday feeling quickly touches you and you feel more relaxed and ready to have fun. 
I think that I notice how much I depend on him when we are away.  Many of the areas where I have responsibility are to do with the home and family so he leads more overtly when we are away from that environment. In addition, the need to make decisions and choices about what we are going to do is much greater as there is no routine to follow. I always look to him for decision making but it comes more spontaneously when we are away and there is neither the time or the need to discuss. It is comforting to have this reminder of who and what we are through an everyday experience. In the past I have travelled alone, or as part of a group where I had to take the lead. I have also been in situations where it has been a sort of joint effort and I much prefer the situation I am in right now. It makes me feel relaxed, and safe. I just relax and enjoy my surroundings and the fact that I belong to him. And that makes me feel sexy too.
I think that for me a lot of feeling sexy is tied into my femininity which is why D/s works so well for me. I feel very feminine when we are away together. And a big part of that is down to him. He is very gentlemanly and protective which in a public environment is more noticeable I guess. He looks after me in an obvious way, and in ways which can be quite different to how some of the other couples behave.  These things really happen all the time but become more noticeable once we are in public and comparisons can be drawn. It is the little acts that go to make up the bigger picture and it is impossible to detail them all. Suffice to say that by the time we are on the flight, he has made space for my hand luggage and lifted it into the overhead locker and ordered us both a glass of wine, I am left sitting here writing this with an overwhelming need for him. It is simple, I suppose, but for us it works.  For me, him taking the lead means that I feel cared for. He shows me that he is thinking about me and that he is in control of what we are doing and I enjoy that.
And as we land and move on to the next stage of the journey, I realise that really I have engaged with no one but Sir since I left home and said goodbye to the girls. I suppose that maybe that is why it works for him too. It is very simple to have a relationship where there is a clear divide in roles and responsibilities. I know that many choose another path but when you are travelling the path of your choice then it is always nice to have a tangible reason as to why that is the right one for you. I have always believed that it is good for perspective to go to other places and have a change of scene. Hopefully it makes you  realise how lucky you are and to value what you have, and if not then at least it will highlight where things might require a change of direction so that you can get back to where you want to be. But for now here’s to a couple of days with a change of scene and a more relaxed pace of life, and to being happily Dominanted. 

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  1. Careful, you may get into “trouble” for that word femininity :p
    I get what you mean, I like it too because then I don’t have to talk to anyone and sorta stay in our bubble and it’s a great feeling.
    Enjoy the extra furry horses! Hehe

  2. I really enjoyed reading this missy! I can definitely relate to what you wrote about feeling more feminine when out with your Daddy (or, Sir). I never feel as good as I do when my husband takes care of me…making decisions, opening doors, little surprises… I hope you two have a wonderful trip!

  3. Hei missy and happy Easter ? Hope your trip’s been good.
    That bubble you discribe is a nice place to be. Easily popped but good as long as it lasts. A luxury of being just the two of you… knows that’s not to often.
    Hope his parents gave you room for a scene or two ?
    Best wishes for your trip back home again.

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