School Uniform

So to celebrate comic relief day tomorrow, pupils are asked to dress in red. And teachers are asked to dress in school uniform!  I was the only one of the teaching staff who seemed to be finding this slightly amusing and slightly inappropriate but I guess that is just my not so guilty conscience. The main concern in the staff room seemed to be either the lack of a plain white blouse, or finding a pupil to rent from (money goes to charity of course) who’s blazer would fit and have been freshly laundered. Clearly my issue is more whether or not my usual pigtails and knee high socks are a step too far!  Should make for an interesting day!

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  1. “Why do you keep smiling?” She asked me. Standing in the kitchen wearing a school uniform for charity did not clear my mind from the fact that I usually spank and fuck her wearing similar clothing. I admit that the skirt was longer, I couldn’t see any stocking tops and she wasn’t calling me Sir. Why else would I smile? I know how naughty this school girl can be…..

  2. It’s so wonderful when the roulette of life lands o kinky. Even if no one in the world knows, it’s such a thrill when everything overlaps.
    Nice writing!

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