Schoolgirl scene - theatre curtains which say scene it, done it a backstage pass

Schoolgirl Scene

schoolgirl scene - theatre curtains which say scene it, done it a backstage pass
There can be a variety of ways to start a schoolgirl scene but on this occasion I am simply instructed to have a bath, prepare myself, and then get changed into the clothes that he will leave outside the bathroom. I love this part of a scene, getting ready; it will really help to get me in the right mindset, especially if he requires something specific. I get the water right and lay back. I can hear the music drifting through from the bedroom and think about what might unfold. Sometimes I will know the type of scene beforehand and sometimes there will be clues or small tasks to do to prepare but that has not happened this time so I really don’t know what is coming.

Once I am out of the bath and have moisturised etc, I look outside the door to see what has been left for me.  My instructions will always be different; sometimes I am naked, sometimes I am required to wait in a certain pose etc. Sir has left me a short black skirt, white blouse, white socks, white knickers and a school tie. Underneath the pile of clothes are a pair of black ballerina pumps and a note.  The note tells me to get dressed and report to Sir’s study. I am to knock on the door and wait until I am told to come in.  I feel the excitement building inside me as I get into the clothes he has left. I have played this part before so I am not nervous about that and think that I will quickly be able to get into role. Naughty schoolgirl is a role I enjoy and am comfortable with, although we have not engaged in much age play beyond this. I find a couple of bobbles and quickly put my hair into pig tails for effect.  I feel a cheeky 15 already – young sweet and not so innocent!

I knock on the door, and pull at my skirt as I wait. It is too short to cover me properly and my blouse looks strange without a bra. It all feels a bit wrong which is right if you know what I mean. My mood is girly and I am ready for him.
I open the door and walk into the room. He is sitting at his desk writing something.  He finishes, lays down his pen, and looks up at me.
“Ah. Missy. I had not expected to have to call you into my office again so soon after the last time. But I have had a couple of concerns about you and feel that you may require further correction. I had hoped that your previous spanking and the subsequent conversation we had about your behaviour towards me would be enough, but it appears not. Therefore, it is my opinion that we will need to take things a little further this time in order that you are able to learn the valuable lesson that I hope to teach you. After all, you do want to learn. Don’t you missy?”

“Yes Sir!” I reply.  He is telling me that he has noticed me looking at him during assembly and that one of the teachers reported me talking to a couple of the other girls about him. He reminds me that the last time I admitted my crush on him and that he had administered the spanking in order to bring an end to my infatuation. He asks if it worked and I have to admit that it has made me think about him even more than before.  I agree that it is true that I have spoken to the other girls about him. He explains that it puts him in an awkward position as he likes me and can’t be seen to have any favourites and I tell him that I am sorry that I discussed him.  All the time we are talking I can feel myself becoming more turned on by it and he must realise as he suddenly says that he is going to check how well I am doing with trying to keep my naughty thoughts about him in check.

He pushes his chair further away from the desk, and asks me to come and stand in front of him. He tells me to turn around, bend forward, put my palms on the desk and rest my forehead in between them.  My skirt is so short that I know he can see my bum and knickers and for a moment I can feel him looking. I feel vulnerable and so turned on and am wondering, longingly when he will do something, when he pushes my feet apart with his leg.  I begin to lose balance but regain it again, being careful not to move my head from where he told me to keep it.  I am throbbing and without warning, he quickly moves my knickers to one side and feels my wetness.  He tells me I am soaking and I feel my face redden and my heat rises a bit more.  He asks me to lift my head and he pushes his fingers in front of me as proof. He asks if I can see the problem and I have no option but to admit that I do.

His voice is calm and low. He sounds serious but he doesn’t sound angry. He asks me to stand up and face him. He looks me straight in the eye and tells me that my correction will need to start with another spanking. He mentions that he has had some thoughts about training but that he will discuss that with me after. He motions towards his lap and pats his legs. I know from the last time that I am to lay across it and I do so quickly.  When I am in position he tells me that this is going to hurt a bit but that he knows I can be brave. He asks if I want to continue. He reminds me that this sort of discipline is only for his special students and that he only wants to continue if I am willing, and feel it is what I need.  I tell him that I do want this. That I can’t stop thinking about him and that my need is so bad that it almost hurts. I say that I don’t know how to make it go away myself and tell him that I do really want his help.

He flips my skirt up and asks me if I would prefer to have my bottom bare or not.  I tell him that I would like it to be bare and so he tells me to reach around and pull my knickers down. I wriggle them down a bit and he finished the job, pushing them to the side with his foot. He then begins to run his hands up and down my legs and to knead and pinch the flesh on my bottom. He does this for a while and then the spanking starts. I push into him and feel his warmth come through my clothes and onto my skin. I am so hot inside that I feel I will explode and the pain on my bum is only a partial release for a moment and then seems to add to the feeling.  On the heavier smacks I feel a wave of cool wash over me, but is it quickly replaced by the burn. I can smell his cologne and I want him so much that I start to drift and become lost in the rhythm of the spanking. I am starting to float with it when suddenly he stops.  He rubs my skin and I realise how hot it actually is. He asks me to stand and as the material of my skirt flops back down, it sticks to me in an uncomfortable way.
He looks at me for a while but doesn’t speak. My skin pricks under his gaze and I wonder what will happen next.  I don’t need to wonder for too long as he takes my hands and tells me to come and sit with him on the couch.

“Missy you may find what I am about to suggest a little unorthodox.  I mentioned training before and what I am suggesting would be that I train you in order to meet you needs.  It will mean you being open with me and admitting those naughty thoughts that you keep having but I think that if I help you we can stop you getting yourself into any more trouble. ” He looks directly at me and is obviously waiting for a reply.
“I would like that very much Sir. Sometimes I just can’t keep my thoughts in the right place. In my head there are bad words and dirty thoughts and I do really want you to help me.”

He holds my hands in his, looks me in the eye and tells me that he understands and that it is ok. He asks me what I am thinking about right now and I tell him that I am thinking about his cock. I am thinking about how it looks, what it feels like and how it would taste. I tell him that I have been thinking about what it would be like to have it in my mouth. He stands up and undoes his belt. He allows me to release his cock and pushes me gently to my knees so that I can take him in my mouth. He is encouraging and tells me what he likes and I am able to become lost in him once again.  He tells me that my technique leads him to believe that this is not the first cock I have sucked but for obvious reasons I don’t answer.  I am aware that he is fighting back a climax but he doesn’t release and when it becomes too much he tells me in his serious voice that is enough for one lesson.

I feel a bit disappointed until he raises me to my feet again and kisses me. He tells me that I have done very well and that I deserve a reward for being such a good student.   He sits back down and pulls me onto his lap and lifts my legs so that they are wrapped around him. My knickers were removed during the spanking so I am totally open and exposed to him. He seems to examine me with his eyes which is excruciating, humiliating and nearly pushes me over the edge. I am throbbing and aching so badly when he finally touches me, teasing my clit and dipping his finger inside me. I can feel how wet I am and his fingers move downward, exploring there too. The whole time he is talking to me about what he is doing and what I want  him to do and he makes me take ownership of my need which I find hot. I am forced to admit my naughty thoughts and desires to him and he teaches me how to explore them.

This scene can lead anywhere really and although this is one of the earlier examples, he will build on it each time, referring back to what may have happened on previous occasions and alluding to where subsequent training may lead.  Sometimes I will be given an appointment for a return visit and sometimes it will be left to chance.  The location may change and the toys and tools to be used will vary but the basic elements of the scene will remain.

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  1. We also like role playing and have done several already. The ones with a hint of truth in it are the best ones. Recently we did something with age-play also. Nice to read we are not alone in this.

    • I agree; it is always nice to feel like your kink is accepted and as a teacher in real life I tend to keep my schoolgirl fantasies to myself ?. I am glad that you are enjoying the role play.

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