diySir is good with his hands. This extends not only to how he deals with me, but also far beyond, into the realm of DIY.  It is great to be able to live with someone who can turn their hand to fixing most of the things that go wrong around the place. I can’t begin to add up the amount of money this will have saved us over the years, but it has also given me a sense of freedom, in that I don’t really need to worry too much when practical things need doing – DIY DOM will sort them. It is also really special to live in a home where his hard work and effort have had a direct impact on the surroundings that we all enjoy.

I think that part of the reason he is successful at it and others, like myself, are not, is down to confidence. He is rarely put off trying something. He has the belief from the outset that it will be achievable and is keen to think of ways which he may be able to approach it. If he is unsure then he will research it but pretty soon he has an idea of how he will tackle whatever it is.  This is the way that he is in most areas of his life. He likes doing things for others, he likes to fix or create things and he is imaginative, methodical and determined in his approach to how things can be done.

Sir has not only applied this to being a Dominant, but has also brought his love of DIY to the kink part of our relationship. I remember mentioning in the early days that I would like to try a paddle. He disappeared to the garage, returning some time later with a carved wooden paddle, complete with a branded on insignia!  I can’t always say that the first prototype is ideal, and created from a piece of half inch ply, this was rather a mean beast, but the thought was there.  From a deadlock on the bedroom door to protect our privacy, to the creation of a variety of impact toys, to the customisation of our bed, he has pretty much DIYed our D/s.

One of the biggest projects that Sir took on was building a play bench. For us, subtle storage is an issue so the one he designed folds flat so that it can be easily stashed away under our bed. It slots together and over time he has made a number of alterations so that it meets our specific needs.  There are holes and bolts and catches all in the perfect places so that he can secure me in a way that allows for zero movement. The height allows him to work comfortably and access the areas that he wants to.  We used to lay one of the cushions from the window seat on the top, but now Sir has recently added a padded top in a durable and wipeable material so that it is easier and quicker to assemble and use.

For us, the choice to follow more defined gender roles just works. Sir is good at the typically masculine pursuits, whereas my skills lie more in the more typically feminine areas. Whatever it is, it works for us. I have heard that DIY is on the decline, that it is no longer fashionable. It seems in some areas that for a man to be spending time on repairing and improving things is as sexist as it is for a women to want to stay at home and bake. But rather than just watching ‘Grand Designs’ and ‘The Great British Bake-off’, we would rather be actually doing. The same would be true, I suppose, for reading erotic fiction. It is great to research and gather ideas, but it is even better to have the confidence to give it a go. And I do love a man with a drill!

Warning – in searching for a picture for this post I googled ‘naked man with a drill’ and only one of the images actually showed a man with a power tool, hence no sexy picture this time!

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