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Birthday Spankings and other pleasures

One of the good things about being 47 is that 47 is a good number for birthday spankings – as I discovered. Of course mine were actually birthday canings (house full of teens as per usual) but I am sure that the overall impact is the same. There is nothing more relaxing at the end of a busy day of celebrations with family, than to close the door on everything and just submit to what is coming your way.

Birthday spankings can also be a good preparation for a new tradition suggested by my
friend Emily – pin the tail on the subby. She said that she thought this game would suit Sir and I and, I have to say, I did agree. I like the way that since we have been D/s, birthdays and other celebrations have been adapted to incorporate a celebration of the other part to our relationship. This feels good as it echoes the way much of our life is together. We have the public side that everyone sees and the private side which is reserved mostly for us, although shared with some close friends and a supportive online community, of course. I really appreciate this. I enjoy having something that is kept behind closed doors. And I also love the excitement when little parts of it leak into other areas of our life and are subtly visible.

This year, not only was my card was ‘for our eyes only’, but a number of the gifts Sir bought me were too. A private birthday celebration was  not something we really did much before so this is a welcome addition to our lives. The gingham boy shorts and school girl socks, complete with little tartan bow, are leading me to assume there may be a theme here but, of course, I will await instruction for where, when and how these items are to be used to fulfil his desires and being me pleasure! Sir was also kind enough to buy me an original canvas watercolour entitled ‘Bondage’. An impressionist piece, it will be lovely to be able to display it somewhere that it can be a reminder of who we are without being overtly suggestive to anyone else who is in our home.

I suppose that this year’s celebration has allowed me to reflect on how far we have come and the extent to which we have made this thing our own. It is no longer the sort of bolt on to our marriage that it was at the start, but has become more deeply embedded in what we have. Our dynamic has shifted and friends and family see and accept the way that we are with one another. We are able to express elements of this openly and to celebrate what we have found out about who we are. We have also come a long way in sharing things with each other this has allowed us to explore and push boundaries in private that helps to being us closer together. Feeling like yourself, feeling happy and safe and free, excited and energised and loved, that is probably the greatest gift of all. Although I have to say that the double penetration jelly dildo Sir gave me also looks like it is gong to be a lot of fun.

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!! I’m glad you got some nice gifts along with the caning. Maybe Sir can spank you some more based on how many comments this post receives. Community service and all that. 🙂

  2. Lucky, lucky girl. My devious mind runs amok sometimes. Had I known, I might have given him some of those devious thoughts. Methinks he did fine in wishing you a wonderful birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! ???? Sounds like you will be having lots of fun with your presents! If you haven’t already I’m sure you will be showing HisLordship your appreciation for his generosity ?. Maybe you will get to try them out on Valentines. I wish you another year filled with love, happiness, and lots of kinky play!

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