His Return

His Return

She had been waiting for his return for a long time. Possibly it had not been as long as she thought but she felt his absence so keenly that it was as if a part of her was gone too. She had not really expected him back that night either so it had come as a bit of a shock when he walked in.  He had told her to lie on her stomach and wait for him. Fortunately she had prepared herself. These were things that she could not give up whether he was with her or not. Those little rituals that bound her to him, that made her his, that made them one.

She waited quietly. Anticipating. She hardly dared to let herself believe. Almost as if she were lost to one of those erotic novels, she worried that the pages would soon close and she would find herself alone once again, feeling foolish for her fancy. But she could hear his footsteps in the bathroom. She could hear the water and she knew that it was real. So she tried to clear her mind. To stop questioning and answering and just be still. Just wait and feel and let herself be washed in whatever would come.

The door opened but she didn’t look. His movements were strong, confident, commanding. She didn’t need to watch to know how he looked – so familiar were these things to her, like breathing, that they returned freely. The time apart had made no difference to that and despite it, she was his within the stroke of his cane. He claimed her body first, stroking, touching, breathing her in. And she put up no resistance at all. When the strikes came she absorbed them quickly. The secret part that hid within her and that he awakened took it all, and cried out silently for more. She wanted it never to stop.

When he rolled her over and knelt high above her she took him deep in her throat. She was so lost in him now that she surrendered time and place and anything else that had grounded her before. She came as she choked on him and still it did not stop. He pushed her further and further until she was nothing other than what he needed. The emotion overwhelmed her and he did too, forcing himself hard upon her in a way that she could never explain. And her tears flowed finally, as they came again together and she knew, for now at least, that he was back.


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  1. Bravo, bravo and bravo again. I salute your bravery at sending your fiction out into the world. I have always had confidence in your ability to write stories. I really like the opening sentence, it has multiple meanings and sets the tone for her submission. It’s a strong piece w/o dialogue, but the reader can easily fill in the conversation. Her thoughts are all focused on him and surrendering to both her needs and his demands. The fact they are the same makes this fiction work superbly.

  2. Wow Missy – we are right in her head enjoying this experience.Very well expressed, drawing us into a hot scene.

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