• Thank you for your kind comment. So far doing this has made me realise that I should be more actively submissive more often. I think I am learning (or remembering) quite a lot from it.

      • I see very, very few (here or “vanilla”) practice love as you are doing. It just that, the practice of love. All the talk in the world about medicine is useless without it’s practice. It may be true that you have an in-built desire to serve or please but others have that as well. The difference is your practice of it and I appreciate the effort, time and (via blog) leadership you are putting into your practice.
        Well done ma’am.

        • Thank you Sir. I think that it is easy when you realise what you have. We both learnt a lot by mistakes made the first time around and have entered into this with a different attitude. We are grateful for our second chance and feel lucky to have it.

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