Details of a naughty lunchbreak

naughtyIt was a busy morning so I had not had much time really to think about what might lie in store for me during my naughty lunchbreak. I had seen Sir’s comment on my post, however, so I knew he would have thought about it himself. I suppose when I had planned day two of my calendar, there may have been a vague idea of a lunch spent in his study, sucking his cock under the desk or something of that sort. However, he is also pretty romantic so I really didn’t know how he would approach it. Anyway, my job was not to think of what I would do, but rather to give myself to him to do with as he wished so the not-thinking is part of it.

I texted him to say that I was on my way and began the short walk home.  As I put my music on his text came in.

Strip to your underwear when you enter the hall. Sit and wait for me on the piano stool. When I hear you playing something I’ll know you’re ready. Lock the front door. Address me as Sir until I tell you to stop.

Wow. This was going to be hot. I arrived home in no time and locked the door as instructed. It was hot – literally. He had obviously had the heating on all morning so that I would be comfortable in my state of undress. Those little signs that he has considered my comfort, the heat and the locked door, are key in how things turn out I think. He knew that time was of the essence and wanted no barriers. He was going to push me but I was safe. 

I did as asked and chose my music – Handel’s Largo; the book was open and in addition I would be able to continue playing it with some level of distraction. I heard the door open behind me. I could feel him watching. “I see that you have dressed for the occasion missy.  Thank you for that.” I melted a little further. He listened for a bit more and then began to kiss my neck.  I managed to continue playing until he thanked me and asked me to turn around on the stool.  He kissed me more aggressively and then produced a set of ankle cuffs. He lifted each leg in turn, and fastened the cuffs.  He stood me up and pressed me into him.

He led me into the next room where he had the blinds lowered part way. He removed my knickers, asked me to lean my body over the table and he then fastened each ankle to the corresponding table leg.  He stroked my body and checked for my arousal.  He told me that he was going to give me something to make me remember him when I sat down at work that afternoon.  He said that he would make my skin red and when it was the shade he wanted he would take me hard so that I felt him for the rest of the day.  So less than 15 minutes after leaving work, there I was, secured to the table, completely exposed and at his mercy.

He reminded me to use my colours and it was not long until the flogger kissed my skin. It began with a gentle stroke but soon became more biting.  The blows showered down, mostly on my bottom which was clearly his desired target, but also across my back and thighs. As I took more for him, he praised me and told me how much he wanted me.  He rewarded me with the wand for a bit and then shoved his fingers roughly into me.  I could feel his need building and was not surprised when I felt sting of the cane.

The issue with time meant that there was not the usual attention to build up and I think that Sir sensed that my tolerance was lower than usual.  He slapped my bum a few times, unbuckled my ankles and ordered my up on top of the table.  Here he began to touch me roughly again and then suddenly told me to get up. He grabbed my arm and dragged my upstairs, removing his own clothes as he went.  He got me to the bedroom and pushed me on my back. He removed his last articles of clothing and said that he wasn’t wasting any more time on toys as he knew what we both needed.  He took me hard then.

We lay exhausted on the bed and he asked me to guess what time it was. Fortunately there was just enough of it left to quickly enjoy the lunch he had prepared earlier, before he drove me back to work. I have to say that the whole experience was more than I had anticipated when I had posted my ‘gift’, but then that is the beauty of Dominance and submission.  You give what you have and are then taken in ways that you would not have planned.  You give your control to another and follow wherever they choose to lead. Although it was all a bit of a whirlwind, I felt nicely used, warmly satisfied and his desire for me wrapped around me like a blanket for the rest of the afternoon, so it was definitely a lunch break well spent.


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  1. What a brilliant use of time by Him. In some ways, having hours would have been better, but the ticking clock adds so much urgency and passion that it creates a very different experience.

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