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84271_2I mentioned in my last post that we went to sexpo last year and that when we were there we bought ourselves a brilliant new wand. This has to be the single best toy that we have bought so far and although it was pretty pricey, it was worth every penny.  Prior to this we had a magic wand bought from Love Honey which was fine as long as no-one was within a 2 mile radius of our house.  Ok I exaggerate but, while it delivered pleasing sensations, the noise it produced as a result was something akin to a road drill, so certainly not something to use when the kids were at home.  

At the time, many of the submissives I knew were based in America and talked with great enthusiasm about their Hitachi wands, with their powerful high speed vibrations and a plethora of exciting attachments to purchase for them. I looked the Hitachi up online more than once but everything I read warned me that to use it the in the UK, even with a converter, would be a bad move.  They had a track record of catching on fire due to the voltage difference and, although I would say that Sir and I definitely have hot sex, I didn’t want to actually catch alight – especially down there!

When we first saw the doxy die-cast wand, it was HisLordship and not me who fell in love. It was presented more like something that you might find in the aisles of a high end hardware shop, rather than in Anne Summers, with its handy zip up storage case and the shiny metal body of a  must-have power tool.  As if it wasn’t sold before the man on the stall explained that it was “made from an aluminium and titanium alloy which is manufactured in a foundry using a high pressure injection cold chamber die casting machine and after casting, each Doxy Die Cast Wand body goes through a rigorous five stage polishing process which brings the high lustre finish to life.”

This is a Dom’s wand if ever I saw one!  We do not play in clubs or out with others, but if we did, Sir would be proud to carry it in and show it off. Not only does the Doxy look amazing but it is heavier than many wands which means that it is really powerful and also very quiet which for us has meant that we can use it whenever and wherever we like and this has revolutionised our play, although it can still be a struggle for me not to make a noise where this thing is concerned. The vibrations are so strong that even the lowest setting will get a real reaction and I would consider the higher ones to be pure punishment!  The heaviness means that I am not left feeling numb after use and Sir’s hand is not still buzzing long into the early hours which was also an issue with the lighter one that we had previously. The control buttons also light up with cool blue LED lights so you can see them in the dark too.

All in all, we love this wand.  It was a fair amount to shell out on a toy but we were not disappointed. We also bought another product from the company and when we had an issue they were very apologetic and replaced it without question.  So often these days we cannot buy British, and if we do we can feel that the technology is a bit clunky, but with the doxy die cast, I really feel that this is not the case.  A year on, with heavy use, and we are still enjoying the wand as much as the day we bought it. So for anyone out there who is looking to silently and seriously get their rocks off, this could be the one for you.

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  1. It is sad that you cannot use the Hitachi magic wand as it is exceptional. Yours here looks amazing too and it does its job by blowing your mind then you’re in good hands already!

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