A Fun Weekend

‘Any plans for the weekend?’
‘Yes. We’re off to London to meet with a group of kinky friends we found online, attend a sex and lifestyle exhibition and have some bdsm fun together in our hotel room!”
Obviously that wasn’t the answer I gave my family, friends and work colleagues but, this time last year, it is exactly what we did.  Straight from a busy week at work, HisLordship and I headed for the airport and caught the flight to London for a ‘Sexpo’ weekend which we had organised with some other couples.  I have to say that I was very excited – having met with two of the couples on a previous occasion, I was really looking forward to spending more real-life time with my friends and the thought of a whole weekend away with Sir with a totally D/s focus was thrilling in itself.
We dropped our bags in the room and headed straight to a ‘meet and greet’ where we would catch up with two other couples.  I had joked that I would be the one wearing a corset with a collar and lead but, in reality, we were just a group of friends meeting in a hotel lounge, and our secret dynamic was hidden from others as we chatted away about normal things like the journey from the airport and what others had done with their day in London.  It did not take long for the conversation to flow and turn to what really interested us, and instead of having to type and use emoticons, we were able to laugh and share and feel at home with each other.  There is always a bit of concern that things will not go as planned and in the run-up I did worry that we had bitten off more than we could chew in arranging it – but as we ordered a second round of drinks, I glanced at Sir and we both breathed a sigh of relief; this was going to be a great weekend!
Following a traditional English breakfast, we met with the other couples and headed off to Sexpo at the London Olympia to see what was on offer there.  There were now eight of us and we agreed to explore the event in couples and then meet up at lunchtime.  The venue was large and filling up fast. There were lots of stalls boasting sex toys by the bucket load and it was great to be able to wander around, pick things up, and get a real feel for them.  As online shoppers we have made a number of mistaken purchases in the past so to be able to talk to the consultants and get advice, while also testing the products was great (most of the products also had a special Sexpo discount applied too so it made it even better).  It was interesting to see the difference between the handmade items and the bigger more commercial products. Many of the leather items had been made by hand by the person there selling and they were quite willing to chat and take custom orders which was so worthwhile.  The event itself felt more mainstream than I had imagined.  There was a demonstration taking place of bondage furniture, a massage station, live pole dancing and a petting corner for ‘pets’ in leather in amongst stalls of corsetry, floggers and collars, massage candles and lube, but somehow it all felt very normal and not at all intimidating.  The atmosphere was one of fun and of openness and sharing of experience.  Even Pricasso, a nearly 60 year old male artist painting pictures naked with his penis, seemed to be quite at home in an environment where we all had our own kink and that was seen as a good thing.
Having purchased a brilliant new wand, a powerful unisex vibrator, a handmade flogger, a scented massage candle, a hot-tub sex toy and some lube, we met with the others and headed for lunch.  We went to ‘The Hand and Flower’, a traditional Victorian drinking establishment, for food and refreshments and were lucky enough to get a private dining area so we could show and tell and compare our purchases over lunch; looking back it all seems a little surreal and I did have to pinch myself.  If you had asked me prior to D/s if I ever saw myself being in that situation I would have thought you were mad.  Blissfully happy and with friends to share it all with – fantastic.  Having satisfied our curiosity and our appetites, we headed back to the hotel to play with our toys.
We returned back to Sexpo for another look around and a spanking workshop later that day.  The workshops ran throughout the day and evening and were very busy but most of those on the Saturday didn’t interest our tastes which was a shame.  The Sexpo event is from Friday to Sunday so some of the more BDSM orientated workshops were not on while we were there.  The workshop itself was pretty basic and more for starter spanking, although it was interesting to see the relationship between the pro-Domme and her male submissive.  Even for the more serious spanking addict like me, there was something to be learnt.  As we left to make our way to the Italian restaurant we had booked for dinner, where we would meet our fifth couple, I couldn’t help feeling that a workshop on building your D/s relationship would have been well received.  Some of the people wandering around, I had observed, looked like they might benefit from knowing ‘our secret’!
The following morning we made time for live sub/Dom chats over elevenses which was really great as it gave us girls time to talk about the more personal things that we really wanted to discuss.  As always we learn so much from sharing experience and swapping notes so it was a lovely way to finish off the weekend.  I was sorry when it all came to an end but it was a truly fantastic weekend and I really enjoyed each bit of it.  Having a dynamic like ours is such a private thing and it was lovely to spend a weekend in an environment where it could be shared and celebrated a bit more openly than usual.
I can’t believe that it is now a year since we travelled to London to meet up with those couples.  Having moved back to online communication, eight of us are still in touch on a regular basis.  It is great to have friends to share these experiences with and we were all saying this weekend how good it would be to do something like this again.  Going to sexpo was fun but I am not sure that I would go back to that particular event again.  However, if any of you reading this have any recommendations or suggestions of fun events to attend in the UK then I would certainly be interested to hear about them.

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  1. That was indeed a fun weekend. First RL, talking D/s-M & bdsm with anyone but my Dom, experiance. So liberating. Thank you for the nice reminder.

  2. The UK is littered with opportunity! You might consider a group meet at one of the “unique”B&B” operations that allows for time alone and the meeting up to roam the area. Another good option is a short hop northeast for a bit of a different flavor.

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