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Story of the O – #6 Blended Orgasms

I think that this is probably the last of the orgasm posts for me; unless of course there is a type of climax I still have yet to discover, which could well be true based on what the past two years have shown me. To me, a blended orgasm is an orgasm where you stimulate more than one area to a climax, often bringing about a more intense, and sometimes longer lasting, finale. Having read a couple of articles, most seem to refer to a blended orgasms as being from simulation of both the clitoris and the g-spot at the same time. I would argue, however, that it could come from, not just the clitoris and the g-spot, but also from the sweet-spot through impact or from anal play.  A combination of more of one of these types of stimulation/play at the same time, could lead to a blended orgasm.

Combining lots of different things was not something that we did much of, prior to beginning the D/s. Sir had his usual arsenal of tricks up his sleeve and we did enjoy some kinky sex now and then, but we tended not to play for as long as we do now, and so the build up to it was never as long. Then we were working towards a climax for each of us, now we are exploring each other through our Domination and submission and that seems to have shifted the events of the day, or night, quite a bit. While there usually is a climax, it doesn’t mark the end of play quite like it used to. It is a thing which is controlled by Sir. Only he will know how and when and the number of times he will allow me, or force me, to release, as all orgasms belong to him.

If he allows me to come then that is his choice and it is just another part of his plan or scene. In many ways, the orgasm is a by-product of what he is doing, which is controlling my body and making it his. Through this comes the intense connection that I write about so often, so it is always about so much more than the physical release. Through the D/s relationship, things have definitely heightened between us. He is pushing my boundaries and testing my limits and this has meant that he has gone out of his way to over stimulate me in a variety of ways. It has gone from a ‘that will be enough’ approach to a ‘how much more can she take’ approach, so for him to add more and more stimulation is a regular thing.  This has led to orgasms often being ‘blended’.

While Sir will sometimes stimulate my clitoris and my g-spot at the same time, more common is the combination of clitoral with anal, clitoral with impact, or his favourite, impact with anal and even, sometimes, clitoral as well.  This has led to the most powerful orgasms I have ever had, although I have to admit I am pretty much wiped out afterwards. Sometimes the play will alternate from one to the other, especially in the build up, but I will know I am in for a real treat when it all happens at the same time. It will come slowly, confusing and overloading my senses at the same time, until I can’t really think or process and feel almost as if I am bombarded with the pleasure and the pain. He holds me on the edge for what feels like forever, keeping me just where he wants me until he is ready to overwhelm me completely. I have usually given up any sense of control over my own body long before then, so I wait at his mercy, ready to be shattered as I explode into tiny pieces in front of him.

I really feel that D/s has given us a canvas to explore sexually in a way we would never have done before. We have the safety to try things and delve deeper into each other and our fantasies. Prior to this, I was often limited by my own inhibitions and baggage and so was Sir. In past relationships we had not always felt supported, and we both had defences that kicked in and weren’t necessarily helpful.  For me, blended orgasms are part of the couple we have become: experimental, adventurous and more open-minded. We embrace new ideas, we try new kinks and we play with sensations. This has led to a discovery of things that we had not before thought about, and has allowed us to get to know each other in a more complete way. This experimenting has led to lots of different types of orgasms which have been possible, not just because we are pushing boundaries together, but because the profound level of trust when have in each other, has led to my body responding in ways it would not have done before.


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  1. What’s not to like? I’m thinking a series here. Maybe BBC1, “Exploding the Female Orgasm” by His Lordship and missy. Certainly would do a world of good for those people who suffer needlessly from orgasm deprivation.

    • Lmao. I’m not sure the BBC would take us. Would probably have to be channel 4 with the other kink stuff lol. Seriously I wish they would feature something on D/s. How good would that be.

  2. This sounds wonderful, I love that you experience these as part of your play dynamic. I also read your other Story of O entries. I think I’ll learn a lot reading peoples 30 Days entries…
    Being solo i prefer to aim for blended orgasms and have pretty much given up on clitoral stimulation alone. It is not uncommon for me to have four vibes or dildos on the go, with a clit stim plus my finger, a vaginal vibe or big dildo and a glass dildo in my anus. This morning i realised I had enough clit stims to also do some nipple play…. heaven…

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