King George

I have an amazing friend. She is a fellow submissive, well actually she is a slave, and she has played an important part in my growth as a sub. For all we are different, we have a strong connection which means that we have supported each other through many difficult situations, both D/s related and also just overcoming the hurdles of life. We speak most days via WhatsApp and, although we have never met face to face, we know most of the things that are going on with each other. 
She is more experienced than I am at this lifestyle so she has guided me through a lot of the things that have been new to me. She has a knack for asking the right questions. She is also younger than me so I have more experience of life and I would like to think that I have been able to help her with things too. One area that we differ in is that she is a little.  And I mean she is really little. She is not just little in age, but also in her outlook. This means that she is fun and there is usually a lighthearted innocence to our conversations. Now that I have written that it sounds strange, as the topics of our conversations are far from innocent, but her way of looking at things often is.
She has told me more than once that “littles like to name their Daddy’s stuffers”. She makes up words too – there we do have something in common. Apparently for a little to refer to a penis is bad form, so stuffer it is.  Anyway, she has named her Daddy’s stuffer and has often asked if I have given Sir’s a name yet.  This is not something we have done, and despite feeling that there is a little side to me in there somewhere, it is not something we have ever really explored. But Sir did say that we needed to lighten up a while back, so the other night I thought I would broach the subject.
I started to giggle just at the thought of it and Sir looked over at me through his glasses and said,
“From the way you are giggling away, I can guess who you are talking to.”
“Apparently little’s name their daddy’s stuffers.” I said with a grin. “Maybe we should name yours?”
“Fine,” he said in a blink, “King George!”
Trust him; not just a name but a title too, I thought. But I had to smile as it did seem to suit.  Suddenly, to a call from him of, “Long live the King!” there it was. And so now I find myself not just serving HisLordship, but also kneeling for the King on a very regular basis.

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  1. My Sir named his before I met him so I thought that was just a thing fellows did. I didn’t find it surprising when she asked me if his had a name. Oddly, it helped me feel included. I do so appreciate her friendship and yours.

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