Evening Interruptus

Sir texted me today at work. His text simply said, “I have plans for you later.”
I came home from work, greeted Sir as usual, and then went to my room and knelt while I waited for him to come up.  When he came in he told me that he wouldn’t require me to take him in my mouth, but that I was to lift up my top. I did so and then he told me to take my boobs out of my bra and offer them to him. He stroked and cupped them, then took my nipples and rolled then around between his finger and thumb. He became a bit rougher and began to squeeze hard. He did this for a while and left me feeling calm but also horny for more of him. 
He told me that there was really no point in me getting changed as, when the kids left to go to their dad’s, he would require me to strip and wear only the shirt that he had laid out.  He told me that then he would put his collar on me. I wear a day collar necklace all the time and we also use another collar for play sometimes.  However, when he talks about his collar he is referring the high protocol collar time that I have posted about before. I still did not know what he had planned but was pretty excited at the thought of how the evening would turn out as collar time means that I am completely his to do with as he wants. Perfect after the day I have had, I thought.
Then came the ‘interruptus’. And I use the term due to the fact that it was not actual ‘coitus interruptus’ but it felt like it to me as the sexual interplay had already  begun. The kids decided not to go to their dad’s! This is a very complex situation and it is too difficult to explain it here but it was pretty emotional for all of us. Sir was amazing, taking control and sorting it out in a level headed way but I felt awful about the way his evening had turned out. He has said that we will postpone his plans for tonight until Friday evening which is certainly something to look forward to. I really hope that I get the chance to show him properly how much I appreciate him, his Dominance and his support, later on tonight, and that I have something exciting to write about come Saturday. ?
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  1. Though plans were way laid it sounds as though he proved to be worth following once again. That reaffirmation provides less short release but more long term comfort. Not a bad trade.

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